Wednesday, 11 July 2018

The 'Jesus' Factor on Supreme Court Justices

I sat and paused over the pick of Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court Justice seat, and the amount of air-time that the news geeks gave the topic.

Here's the thing....for 99-percent of us, in general, the pick really won't matter much.  Most of the cases you see in a normal year before the court, have little to zero influence on our lives.  If you watch CNN, you'd think that you were appointing some dictator over your neighborhood. But no, this pick or the past forty-odd picks....generally don't matter. 

Historically speaking, about every decade, there's one single case with some historical impact.  Since 1900 (120 years).....if you went reading, I'd say there are probably twelve to fifteen four-star cases, and the rest were cases which just didn't matter that much to the general public.

So what's going on?  Well....the 'Jesus' factor.  Everyone in the news media figures that you need one good 'Jesus' to fix law in America.  And that's mostly fake reality. 

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