Monday, 9 July 2018

How Hillary Should Run the 2020 Election

This is my list of things that ought to be lined up:

1.  Bring Bill into Iowa in the summer of 2019, along with Chelsea.  Unlike 2008 and 2016....don't lose the Iowa caucus.

2.  Dump the Clinton Foundation as soon as possible.  Don't let it become an issue.

3.  Pressure the DNC not to allow any primary candidate into the system who are a full-up socialist.

4.  Find a creative way to repair the health care system....that lessens the cost.

5.  Find some likeable southern governor as the VP.  It ought to be someone who can talk for hours, and people find agreeable.

6.  Don't get into any public event where you might get frustrated and faint. 

7.  Take the positive spin of the economy and then talk about the bad tariffs. 

8.  Go spin a lot of time in Penn, Michigan, Wisconsin and Florida.  You really need to win those four states badly.

9.  Send Chelsea to college campuses, and hype the program there.

10.  Use social media more so, than the newspapers or CNN. 

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