Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Ten Things I Would Abolish

1.  The IRS.  Frankly, it ought to be a one-page form, and everyone who makes any money in the top 90-percent of society ought to be paying something....just a straight percentage.

2.  NCAA Bowl Committee.  Look, it's all political and you could just appoint six barbers from Houston to be the real selection committee.

3.  The Senate.  Frankly, they've developed into mostly entertainment creations, and can't really deliver on anything.

4.  The FCC.  Maybe in the 1930s to the 1960s.....they made sense.  Today, it's just a political machine.

5.  The 9th Court on the West Coast.  I'd like to split the court up into three....giving Alaska and Hawaii their own court.

6.  CNN.  Before 2017, they were marginally able to do news themes....today?  It's the anti-Trump network. 

7.  NATO.  When the Cold War ended in 1990.....someone should have written up a declaration that NATO would dissolve within ten to fifteen years.  Today?  It's just a waste of money.

8.  NCAA Basketball.  Let's just make up a junior league for the NBA, and pay the players some salary. 

9.  Facebook.  If they were open and honest, I'd probably be pro-Facebook.

10.  The Conner Show (replacing Roseanne).  It's just a waste of time, and all it'll deliver is some fake laughs to the smaller crowd that remains. 

ICE?  Well....you could abolish them....but the laws are still on the books....who would enforce them? Notice how they didn't say they'd abolish the laws? 

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