Saturday, 1 March 2008

Sad News....Lets Have a Drink

Some Japanese researchers, with nothing much to study, decided to study if booze did help you forget your woes. This was done over at the Tokyo University. Originally I was guessing they used local college kids and bribed them with lots of booze, but apparently like any other science involved mice and rats.

So what they found in the end...was that booze only made a sad woeful event....last longer and actually concreted it in the mind. It was not the opposite that we'd always thought. A lot of us would drink to forget our woes....and obviously, that was the wrong thing to do.

So being from a dry county in Bama....I sat and pondered this event, and started thinking. If you had a dry county to start with....with lots of average woes and issues.....and no booze....then you'd forget everything pretty easily and always be happy. This logic would mean that when your wife accidentally hit you in the head with a frying'd forget about in a day or two. This logic would mean that when your neighbor accidentally shot five of your'd forget about in a day or two. This logic would mean that when your son hooked up with some Baptist minister's daughter for'd forget about in a day or two.

But after thinking long and hard on this....this just ain't true. We wouldn't forget in a day or week or month or year. It'd bother us. So for professor Nario Matsuki who devised this test and provided his results in Neuropsychopharmocology this month.....I think he's wrong. Of course, I don't have a science staff or state grant money.....but if you give me $100k in booze...I'm willing to round up the boys at the Legion Hall and prove the professor wrong.

Note: I don't normally read every month's Neuropsychopharmocology....but if you leave it in the bathroom long enough...I might read a page or two.

Mobile Just Got Turbo-Charged

For Bama....Mobile is number three. After Birmingham and Huntsville....then comes Mobile. Its that way for money, jobs and status. Last night....Mobile got turbo-charged and will pass both Birmingham and Huntsville in a matter of three years....and then start taking on towns like Nashville, New Orleans and Memphis. There was a little contract out there with the Air build new tanker aircraft. There were only two competitors. The first was Boeing....who was the 2000-lb bull walking in the backyard. Boeing brought out designers, former Air Force commanders, pilots and every lobbyist in the book. They did everything but bribe the Air Force. The second team was the European consortium of EADS who teamed up with Northrop. Their deal offered up a manufacturing plant in Mobile....which would make hundreds of these aircraft.

The Air Force wrote up the requirements, and basically made this primarily a tanker but also a cargo and passenger jet. It had to have the ability to shift the tanking apparatus out and allow pallets in its place. It had to have alot of different abilities. It had to be reliable. It had to be simple in terms of maintenance.

So the Air Force went down the checklist over the past couple of months....looking at both designs. Everyone expected Boeing to win....because the "real" folks didn't think it was right for us to sponsor foreign jobs....although they couldn't explain why jobs in Mobile were foreign. The Mobile folks took advantage of a old SAC base and runway there....and built a complex up.

So last night....the Air Force announced the winner....and it was EADS/Northrop. Boeing will run to the senate and cry to a dozen of their "paid" senators....and there will be a investigation. The problem this time is that the AF apparently used a standard checklist and spent a lot of time trying to prevent such a investigation. I'm guessing they have their entire report already copied up and boxes of documents for the investigators to run through. EADS/Northrop....won't lose in court.

So what happens in Mobile? A 40-billion dollar contract...of which 30-billion will likely find its way to Europe because of the airframe and development cost. But that other 10-billion (my guess) will be technician and worker cost....which will filter into the Mobile area. Mobile, by most business analyst's estimates.....will become the number three aircraft construction spot in the world (for at least six years). This might jumpstart a bit of effort that goes hand-in-hand with the aircraft trade.

Housing will climb in Mobile. More banks will loan out money. More expensive cars will be sold. Local kids will talk about taking engineering classes. The booze and bar scene will take off and multiply. Local folks will take $300 over to the casino in Mississippi on a good weekend. Life is going to rapidly improve in Mobile. My best guess is that the town will grow by 40,000 over the next five years. And by 2018....maybe another 40,000 on top of that. Life just got a bit better in Mobile.

Wussie Finns

Stefin Wallin, Minister of Culture in Finland, has put himself into a pretty least in Ripley.

You see...Stefin made this comment that men ought to be more involved in the home....doing more the house, etc. He thinks that this makes for a more complete house and more adjusted marriage.

In Ripley....we'd have issues with Stefin's logic. A fella is locked into a character of sorts by age 25 and needs to perform as a real he-man. He can't be seen washing dishes, sweeping floors, ironing clothing or buying groceries. Guys down at the Legion Hall would be all over his butt....telling him that something is wrong here.

There are some accepted work items which are putting a new roll of toilet paper up.....changing light bulbs....or taking out the garbage. But after that point.....we guys are around to do the heavy-toll septic tank issues, cutting grass or trimming shrubs, and of course killing wasps that wonder into the house. This idea of reaching out and getting into house chores....just ain't right.

I was thinking Stefin wasn't married....just speculation on my part. But I checked out the web....and strangely enough....he is married. Then I read his hobbies: challenging cooking, reading, premier football league, and spending time with the family. Yep...he actually wrote spending time with the family as a hobby. I'm thinking.....Ripley-style....that this mention of premier football bogus and to make him look manly.

There in the midst of the personal the mention that he is a member of the Swedish People's Party....a pretty left wing organization. If you read up on this group....they make up barely five percent of the voting population in the last election. Who joins up? Well....right-wing economic liberals (these are folks who chat like a Democrat but want a pro-business atmosphere...which is awful confusing to believe), green-minded folks, intellectuals, fishermen and farmers from the parts of Finland where they still speak Swedish, and small-town folks. When you stand back and look at the is a rather odd group of folks who don't really fit together. But luckily for Stefin....he got in early and became a big-wig in the party.

Its all pretty confusing and just not right. We are hoping that Stefin doesn't show up in Ripley and start giving the women ideas...because things would get out of control real quick.

Dog Issues

So this is what we know.....up in Hanover, Penn.....there was this rural mail carrier....trapped inside her vehicle for two hours....after two "friendly" dogs attacked the tires and flatten three of them. robin Barton (as the Associated Press gives her name)....called for help on the cellphone....and then the cops came. Strange thing...the dogs attacked the tires on the police car then.

The cops were about to sedate the dogs (Rottweiller and pit-bull mix)....when the very apologetic homeowner "suddenly" arrived. Yep....Stephanie Dekelbaum.....described her dogs as "generally sweethearts" and blamed the attack on a tire toy the dogs had recently been given. Personally....I would have shot both dogs on the spot and made sure nothing happens in the future. I'm willing to bet that both met a violent end within twelve months.