Monday, 3 March 2008

The Rumble of the Mighty Turtles

Today....Hugo Chavez got all upset....along with some no-name Ecuadoran president...over them Colombian dudes who walked a mile or two over into Ecuador to kill the number two dude of FARC. For those who aren't into South American guerrrilla gangs.....FARC is this group which has been around for over 20 years....and has control of an area of Colombia the size of Rhode Island. FARC has a rather unusual relationship. They protect the local farmers who grow coco and then they help out the drug dealers who manufacture cocaine.....and then run their area of the country.

Colombia is real upset about this, but has never been able to mount a real "war" against them. There are hundreds of hostages that the FARC have taken.....which adds to this little drama. Recently, Hugo got involved and got a few hostages released....making himself look pretty good.

Somewhere along the last month....the FARC started screwing up, and their trail to this one hide-out in Ecuador became apparent. Rather than ask for Ecuadoran help....Colombia took care of their own problem. In the midst of this little attack....they also took some computers....and have identified emails between the FARC and the current government of Ecuador. Rather distressingly.....folks are upset.

So today, the president of Ecuador put his forces on alert and near the border. Hugo Chavez went and put ten battalions of his men on alert. So we have the potential for three mighty turtles to wage war now.

None of the three have much of a air force. Chavez has ordered new fighters but they haven't arrived yet from Moscow. Venezuela has a number of helicopters but not a might force. Ecuador might be able to run fifteen actual missions per day.....if they tried really hard.

None of the three have much of a navy......other than a sub or two each.

So we are left to the mighty armies of fight some minor battle or two.

The amusing thing is that neither Venezuela or Ecuador want to discuss the fact that FARC might be their friend. That might be something that would upset a number of folks.

Darn E-Mails

Congress is darn upset again, with the Bush White House...for the 99th time. Its pretty much a full-time job now for be upset with GW.

This time...its over lost e-mails. Congress wanted to read their e-mails again. And strangely enough....the server lost a whole bunch of the e-mails....again.

I'm of the mind....that we ought to really fix up this entire mess, and take all the e-mails from the White House...the congress and the senate...and toss them into a open review board every month. Let every American read every e-mail that these dimwits write. It might actually be interesting to see if they can even write English.

Two years ago....Rumsfeld let it be known that he doesn't do e-mail...ever. If he needs something....he gets the exec or secretary to print it out on paper. I'm pretty sure half of the senate have no ability to handle a computer or even write the English language. The other half probably knows the computer well enough to ask for bribes or download pictures of hot Brazilian transsexuals. Sadly, you might even have one guy who uses a MAC.

This might get congress and the senate to actually start acting mature and do some real work.