Saturday, 8 March 2008

Long Ago

Years before Hillary met Bill and moved to Little Rock to be Ms Clinton....she did rope tricks and rode "Tippy" over the badlands of Oklahoma. She carried a pistol and could shoot a man dead at 50 feet. Known for tying one on....she would consume 12 shots of whiskey and then shoot eggs off the back of her favorite horse. Rumor had it....that she'd shot six men one day....mostly by accident....when they spoke some flattering words about her boots.

One day, as Bill rode through town....Hillary felt the urge to dump the cowgirl lifestyle and just become a regular woman. So she sold Tippy and gave her gun to a homeless man on the street, and left the good life.

Years later....after arriving at the White House as wife of Bill....did Hillary regret this whole mess and wish she'd kept her gun and horse. But by was too dang late.