Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Observations in a Day

So today as I roamed this mighty earth (across the base).....I came upon two individuals.....a Catholic and a Baptist....both whom I have known for a year or two....and both fairly sarcastic in nature.

So I asked the Catholic about the new mortal sins mentioned by the Catholic church.....and he stood there for a minute....tilting his head slyly.....and then spoke about the problem of the missing "mortal sin"....taking the innocence or harming a child. He obviously was very anti-Catholic on recent issues of priest abusing the young. He didn't waste much effort on criticizing the church about not making this one of the seven.

My associate went on....then looking at the seven mentioned....and commenting how much socialism could you filter into the seven mentioned......going into detail over each one. These all reeked of a very social view of life, politics, and anything but religion.

So then he turned to the idea of someone showing up to confess over these. His humble opinion was that if the entire Catholic church was lucky.....over a 1-year period......ten guys might show up to confess....and my associate then said.....not a single woman was going to confess over these new seven sins. So out of 100 million-odd Catholics in the world.....ten. I'm not sure if my associate is right on this topic or not....but personally.....I don't know a single guy that would ever confess that he was making too much money and feeling bad about it. And if they were....there was something serious wrong with them....mentally.

So later in the day.....I came upon my Baptist......and brought up the global warming business that the Southern Baptist folks had laid into. There was a real long pause here.....and you could tell he was gritting his teeth a might bit.

Then my associate tore into the Baptists. He thinks that within two weeks...texts and study manuals will arrive at some churches.....via the internet....to help the ministers prepare sermons on global warming. The problem will be a religious indoctrination guy standing there....trying to feed this to a congregation of folks.....of which ten percent will have college degrees and more than enough knowledge to challenge the minister. Add in another ten percent of the church who didn't go to college but smart enough to understand carbon credits.....and trouble will start to brew.

As these study manuals and sermons go into the congregation....some folks are going to comment about SUVs.....which a number of members will have. There will be debate within the groups......and as my associate suggested....come July and August....by his judgment....at least five percent of the national membership of the Baptists.....will vacate the church and find a different church to attend. There is an interesting trigger that this causes.....because these were the college educated and the more intelligent group.....they were the ones tossing in $200 to $400 a month....from a salary of $80k or more per year.

So my associate predicts that the deacons will be meeting by October....talking about problems with church revenue. A fair drop of money will be noticed. Some deacons will comment on the Jones family who quit.....and Mr. Jones was a medical researcher pulling in $100k a year.....so as Mr. Jones left.....his monthly donation left too. So the deacons will have to call up Mr. Jones and kindly ask him to return....and he won't be happy. His wife was insulted over her SUV and some folks talked down about the 4000 sq ft house he had.

So the deacons, as my associate projects.....will go to the minister and tell him to shut up on global warming and make it a non-subject.....by November. By that point.....they will have lost over six percent of their national membership. Budget battles will start up and be a major mess for folks to explain as they come to the end of 2008.

Then my associate laid into the idea of turning off the AC and heat.....as I had discussed yesterday. As he said....if they were truly serious....they'd make it for one hour.....with no AC. But they aren't serious. They are bogus.....liars.....and pretty much sold their soul away. I could tell.....my associate was a bit heated about them Baptists at this point.

So then he finally made his last statement on the subject. Here are all these folks.....doing some kind of poorly planned two-week missionary mission to Peru....paying $3,000 for the husband and wife to run off to Peru and fix up some school there for two weeks.....to feel real religious about.....and they are burning tons of fuel......and could have simply sent their $300 down for paint and wood.....to fix up the school. This fake missionary "feel-good" stuff.....is very much counter to global warming. Will it stop? Nope......not for one moment. As he suggested.....they are not intelligent enough to grasp anything about global warming, and if they did.....they'd just do the exact wrong thing to fix it.

I walked away from both the Catholic and Baptist......feeling kinda negative. Neither said anything good about the issues of yesterday. I tend to walk around and gather data.....either for the Air Force.....or for myself......and by the end.....I kinda have a statement to write. The thing about their observations....they are probably right. Its our world....and the way things have become.