Friday, 11 April 2008

Joe Beall & The Baptist Aura

There is this Democratic Assemblyman out in San Jose....who is now advocating a beer tax hike. Actually...Joe Beall is talking this idea...of a $1.80 tax on a six-pack of beer. Yep....even non-alcoholic beer....would be taxed extra. Currently, the state taxes beer to a tune of 2 cents per can....which most beer drinkers can accept.

What Joe intends to gain around $2 billion a year, for health care, education to prevent underage drinking, and some non-drinking program.

Most of the folks apparently think the rookie Assemblyman is kinda dreaming....and no one believes that this will fly. My best guess....someone might actually talk to Joe and convince him to double the tax from 2 cents to 4 cents....and that might actually pass. In five years....he could double it again....and no one would say much.

Joe is kinda upsetting them beer drinkers a bit. Its bad enough that you gotta pay $2.50 for a six-pack of Ole Milwaukee (the crappiest beer on the face of the earth)....but then you'd pay this stupid $1.80 tax too? Most folks would just switch over to hard booze or start distilling our own stuff.

Course, on the Baptist side....folks would be awful dang proud of Joe....taking a stand to make folks give up their sinful ways of drinking. I'm betting Joe is up for Baptist of the Year in California.

Argentine Olympic Torch Fiasco & Maradona

Well....that damn Argentine Olympic torch "aburning" has kinda gone off into some weird whacked up stuff. Its bad enough that the Tibet dudes are causing trouble...and the left-wing who'd like some trouble (of any variety)....but as the flame arrives in Argentina today....they've asked one of the Argentine greats of carry the flame.

Back in the early 1980s....Maradona was the pride and joy of the nation, and brought them a world cup in soccer. His peak period....maybe five years at best....were glorious and all Argentines today remember the dude. But by the early 1990s...Maradona was drugged out....whacked out....and practically of no value to soccer. Most of vast fortune has been spent...on women, booze and friends.

So a couple of years ago when the world cup came to Germany...the Argentine big dudes of soccer....decided to bring along Maradona and his assistant (at least one female as well)...and paid for hotel and travel. It was a big mistake...with the guy mostly drunk during all of the games and other than a couple of comments for the Argentine fans back home....there was no real purpose for the guy being there. He's gained over 100 pounds since his playing days....and is fairly doped up on a daily basis.

So today....the Argentine Olympic dimwits....decided to let Maradona be one of the folks to carry the flame. I can see the scene already. They will barely get the torch into his hands....and he make it about 100 feet before he stumbles....probably toward a gas station and falls with the torch hitting a pump area, and then the whole place blows up in a matter of minutes....with 20 secret Chinese police rushing toward the flames to retrieve the stupid torch. The Argentine film crew will be standing in shock....pouncing this as "the horror...the horror...the horror" in Spanish. And Maradona will get up....see the flames...and run across the street to the bar to have three or four shots before facing the camera to smile and yell "victory" in Spanish.

This entire Olympic torch thing has become a has China....and we are still weeks and weeks away from the games occurring. This will be the biggest joke in thirty sports.