Monday, 21 April 2008

Lake Lanier

In the past few months....ever so slowly......Lake Lanier in Georgia has been rebuilding itself. You must remember.....central Georgia is on the verge of running out of water. The experts are least more than last summer.....but readily admit that a hot July could dissolve everything and leave Atlanta without water. The drought has hurt folks there greatly.

This weekend....the Atlanta Constitution News folks came out and laid out an interesting story. In 2006....the Corps of Engineers who run mighty Lake Lanier.....had a faulty gauge....worth $140....and they accidentally allowed out a billion or so gallons of water....roughly two feet of water. The newspaper had to request the information....the Corps wasn't going to volunteer the report. In delivering the information requested.....the Corps ended up blacking out a bunch of folks wouldn't blame individuals. Alot of folks are furious about the mistake.....which the Corp admitted that they have learned from the mistake.

If I were a fellow from Georgia.....I'd start thinking about why I'd want the federal folks running my lakes and my water. I'd basically ask the Feds to pack up and leave from Lanier Lake....and start running the control of the lake myself. As for the folks from Bama and Florida who would be furious about gotta remember that the Georgia-water.....and at the end of the will still be Georgia-water.