Friday, 25 April 2008

Political Dimwits

This week....Rep Paul C. Brown (Geo-R) announced that the is pushing a new bill to prohibit
the sale of sexually explicit material at military installations. With his "honor and dencency" act....a loophole would be removed which allows the sale and distribution of Playboy and Penthouse at military installations in the US and overseas.

It is an amusing thing to watch these Republican idiots move through their local areas and preach to public how they will clean up things and make them almost "holy".

One would have thought that Rep Brown would have strongly considered baptizing each recruit at basic training....but then those non-Baptists might have thrown up a fit.

I thought this was a fairly decent joke. The dude didn't want to stop slot machines at the NCO Clubs....because the clubs would all go broke in a month if you did that. He didn't want to question the pricing scheme of gas on overseas bases.....which aren't readily explainable.

Up until the late 1980s.....every base overseas had a Stars and Stripes bookstore, which sold every conceivable book or magazine....including Hustler, Penthouse or Playboy (and Playgirl). The manager of these shops would readily admit that 20 percent of the total profit of the bookstore came from manly magazines. Around 1990....the Stars and Stripes folks were forced t hand their operation over to the BX folks (who have a different view of sales).

The BX continued sales of everything but within a year or two.....congress stepped in and demanded that a review be conducted and "porn" was to be removed from the book shop at the BX. A committee was set up.....with different the states.....and they deemed Penthouse, Hustler and Playboy were "porn" they immediately stopped sales.

A funny thing happened.....profits in the book shop dipped.....and 20 percent of the sales were gone overnight. The BX sat there....wondering how and why. In the US....this was no big deal...guys went down to the local 7-11 and bought their magazine. Overseas.....guys simply did a subscription.

So a couple of years roll by and the BX folks would like to improve they got a committee up and they approved Playboy and Playgirl. A year or so later....came Penthouse. Course, they can't sell Hustler....because thats just too disgusting. What they discovered.....was hat by this point.....folks had computers....and didn't care for any of this stuff at the bookstore.

So today....the BX book shop barely makes one percent of its sales from manly magazines. Its a dead trade. The guys have shop around via the internet and laugh about idiot Republican congressmen who brag about how they are bringing decency to the if that was one of our top ten or top one hundred worries.

The question to ask the good how much mental health improvements has he requested in the coming years for GI's returning from Iraq and Afghanistan....and then you can really stick it to the idiot.