Sunday, 27 April 2008

The Olympics and Tibet

I am a witness to the Jimmy Carter era and the famous decision to stop the US team from attending the Moscow Olympics....turning the US vision of the Olympics into a political vision, and not a sports vision. Jimmy Carter simply made the decision and with few court was set into motion. Everyone that ever trained for the Olympics....hated Carter afterwards. He basically wasted four years of their complain about the Afghanistan situation and the Russian invasion.

So years have passed now, and here is the Tibet situation with China and its Olympics.

Its a funny thing....all of the problems associated with Tibet and its relationship with China....have existed for decades. Never once has there been a world boycott of the Chinese economy. Never once has there been any formal UN action or serious legal action. So now....with the Olympics almost upon us.....the Tibet crowd has used a clever strategy of making the Olympics the target. To some degree, it has worked. Various world leaders aren't attending the primary ceremony (although GW will attend). The torch episode....has become a comical affair...but continues on.

Its amusing now....that Jimmy Carter doesn't come out and defend the Tibet crowd and urge a cancelation of the Olympics. I've waited weeks for James the Failed (Jimmy Carter) to say those magic words, but he won't do it this time.

The Olympics have nothing to do with Tibet....this is a fact. We are pushing ourselves into a corner....trying to make facts out of thin air, and it won't work. The Chinese have earned the right to have the Olympics and I see no reason to stall or cancel the big grand show. I can see some problems with the Tibet strategy and wish those guys well....but it has nothing to do with the Olympics.

You have to look at the history of the Olympics to have an appreciation of the grand show. It was sport. It was a chance to have countries meet on a field....and have a friendly competition. It had nothing to do with conflict or state arguments. So in this game of world discussion.....there really isn't much to discuss. The Tibet problem existed thirty years ago, and it will still exist in another thirty years. If the world wanted to change the situation....fine....boycott products and make the government tumble because of citizen anger over the economy. But trying to seize the Olympics and turn it into a game of debate....doesn't work.

Shutting Down Gothem City?

Back in 2006, just outside a strip club, Sean Bell came out and a series of events occurred. At the end.....after 50 rounds of ammo were fired at Bell and his associates (with none in return), Sean lay dead.

This week, the New York City court system tried to deal with the episode. What makes this story that Sean had no weapon and no rounds were ever fired at the cops. So after a long and exhaustive investigation, it came down to three cops that fired on Sean and his group....thinking that they were going to shoot them (the cops).

The court case this week came to a innocent declaration. Everyone in the room....even the cops....were shocked. They walked free. Sean's terribly upset and so is about half of New York City. Adding to this odd scenario which has developed....there is Al Sharpton who says that he will form up a plan this shut down New York City. He thinks he can get enough people and just plain halt the entire operation of the city.

I sat and pondered this. Having been there and seen the 3rd world condition of the city....I can analyze and tell you that this isn't a terribly difficult task.

I would imagine that a group of 2,000 dedicated individuals can wreck enough havoc at 7AM, that would shut down the traffic flow in and around Manhattan. Another 2,000 could probably halt every bus and every subway train in the city. Toss in another ten thousand, and I could shut down JFK and every interstate out of the city.

The city is in a difficult position....justice was handed out. The judge even commented that he felt the prosecutor built a weak case....although he didn't say the guy did it intentionally. Most of the witnesses brought forward were drug dealers or drug users....although to be 2AM....most of the folks you find out are either drunk, doped up, or court probably should have considered that fact.

What will happen? I'm guessing that Sharpton is not joking this time. The mayor is probably standing there....knowing that any comment that he makes....will harden the public. New Yorkers are tough SOB's and I'm pretty sure that any 5-hour shutdown....will simply be another fact of life and things will just go on. Could Sharpton repeat this two weeks later? Yep....he sure could. He could arrange for every other Monday to be a New York City closure morning. Will it fix anything? No.

The civil case by the family will go next and I'm pretty sure a jury will agree that he was unlawfully killed by the cops....triggering a sum of money to be paid out to the family. The amount? I would toss out a number of $100 million....although the jury could opt for $500 million against the city to send a message.

Planning a trip to New York City in the next month? I'd probably think long and hard about doing that. I might pick out a more predictable Mobile or Red Bay. And so, life goes on.