Tuesday, 29 April 2008

31 of 53

Today, we know that 31 of the 53 girls picked up at the Sect in Texas....are pregnant or has been pregnant.....and between 14 and 18 years old. So....the Rangers are now standing there smiling, because they've got real evidence and a crime.

The older women in their wonderfully dull long dresses.....now have lost an edge on their woeful tale story. Unless they can prove that the girls were all raped by "outsiders", then this entire story goes in a negative direction.

I'm thinking the case will go into a quiet period until the "husbands" are identified and then charged. Some of these guys are looking at a couple of years in prison and they will readily identified in the prison as the guy who did young girls....which gets you a bad reputation.

A Case of Murder?

There is an interesting article over at Fox news covering the "smiley face gang". Basically, 40 young gentlemen.....all college males....have died via drowning over the past ten years. There wasn't any strong connection between any of these....as you read the article...until a New York cop came upon a drowning in the NY City area...which was puzzling. As the years have rolled by, more murders have taken place. At the general murder site....as they've come to some sites and found....is a "smiley face" drawn on the concrete.

I read the story and have some lack of belief in the scenario the cops have drawn. The young men have all been college students and very atheletic. All were out on the town and were last seen drinking. Each ended up drowning. So the scenario says that a "gang" is out and hunting down young male students while partying, and killing them.

I sat and pondered this scenario. I think the killer.....is just a killer...and not a gang. I also think its a female....a lone single female....probably in her late 20's....and she really has a deep problem with men...especially young college males. She is artistic. She knows date drugs. She has no compassion and is as cold as ice. She feels a release of pain, by dispatching the guy to six feet under. She drugs the guy just enough to get him to the vehicle.....which I'm guessing is a van of some type. She travels between states and I'm guessing she is a salesman or a professional athlete. She meets the guy and sizes him up...and then murders him.

The odds of catching her? She has to make a mistake. I don't think she is prone to mistakes. She calculates and knows the limit....and it'll have to be a guy who is expecting trouble.....who figures this out.