Tuesday, 20 May 2008

What Would Have Been: Alabama

Its been a rather odd week in California. First, you must understand that they are short around $12 billion...well....some folks claim its actually $20 billion...but hey....after $1 billion....its all zeros, you know This Assemblyman there....Charley Calderon (sadly a Democrat from Wittier) wanted to levy a 25 percent tax on gross revenues from the sale of pornographic magazines, photos, books, films, video, and even the gross earnings of explicit entertaimnt...and yes even tax those pay-per-view porn movies they serve for hotel guests in California.

This bill.....AB 29414....met some still opposition in California. Numerous folks from all over the state started to get scared. They fought and fought HARD to stop this idea....claiming that it would rive a multi-billion-dollar industry out of the state. The neat thing is that it would have brought in $665 million per year.

"AB 2914 would tax adult entertainment and adult entertainment venues in a manner similar to the way in which cigarettes and alcohol are already taxed in this state,” said Calderon.

There at a meeting last week....some folks met to testify about the problems in doing this.....claiming that imposing a 25% tax on porn industry profits could drive the business out of California, at a cost in jobs and other revenues of as much as $3.5 billion. Some folks even offered direct analysis that this potential tax would drive porn out of the San Fernando Valley, said to be the “porn capital of the world.” Sadly, this is something that folks around San Fernando were simply not happy about. Its hard to get some kind of world identification...and once you got it....you sure don't want to lose it.

The amusing thing in this entire mess....the state Republicans in the legislature indicated they would have to vote against the bill. The reason? Its a tax increase and they said up front that they would oppose any tax increase of any type. Everyone sat in shock....that Republicans wouldn't naturally vote to tax porn....while Democrats were desperately trying to save the state by taxing another item like cigars, gas, booze, etc.

Sadly, the porn tax bill appears limp at this point.

I sat and pondered what would have happened if it had passed. The porn industry would have been desperate to leave...to maintain its profit margin. At this point, Alabama would have done what they'd done so well....voice up Bama as a alternate location. They wined and dined the Germans to build the car plant. Bama talked up the state to get EADS and the Air Force tanker contract. Bama talked up the marry-j-u-wanna folks to make Bama the top plant producer in America.

I can see the state delegation...getting onboard the greyhound bus and driving out to the San Fernando area to meet with top porn officials. The political dudes from Bama would wine and dine....then discuss hard numbers and suggest regions of Bama for certain segments of the industry. Maybe the unusual stuff could be set to the Muscle Shoals area....the lesbians to the Mobile area, and the rest centered around Gadsden. They might offer up tax incentives and even property for studios.

Word would quickly get back to Bama about potential jobs coming to Bama soon, with a wide variety for young and old. Folks would get all pepped up about the new industry....and start to refer to Bama as "The loving lusty state". The state would start up a porn Hall of Fame over in Bessemer and even discuss a state porn holiday.

The Baptists....would openly display dislike about the idea...but behind closed doors....they'd all be happy to have a new target to complain about....and plus they'd have more money that they could ply off membership with the porn revenue soaring in the state. All in all...Bama would be a great state to place the industry.

Narco State?

Across the border into Mexico this week….the comment from the narco guys who are killing political figures and cops…is “join us or die”.

For the past five years, some folks across the border have been talking about the slide of Mexico. Even the political authorities won’t argue about this. You can’t find a single mayor in the northern part of Mexico who will make a comment against the cartels.

What happens to us on the US side of the border? Eventually, the cartels will come to Tucson, Phoenix, Dallas and Houston….to ensure that our political figures are in tune with their concept of operations. We will eventually see some mayor killed in the US for interfering with cartel operations. The FBI will draw up a report and hand it to the President who will file it under things to do in the next election. It’ll be 2025 before folks in Texas or Arizona reach a point where they realize that their safety is in serious jeopardy and that the cops can’t protect their own state. Maybe at that point….active duty military will be deployed in our own country….just to defend our own back of the yard.

Burma on the Run

So we are told this week that a 134,00 folks may be dead in Burma from the storm. So far, the help from the outside has yet to really flow and the junta are trying hard to just get folks to forget about everything.

Rumor has it that disease is already starting up and some folks are expecting various diseases to start sweeping the country. The thing that the junta hasn’t grasped about interfering with this mess….is that their own troops and their own family members will be affected. I’m guessing that a number of the junta members have already shipped their family members out of the country…to probably Malaysia. As for the number of deaths in phrase two? I’m guessing in the 100,000 range as a minimum. It’ll be difficult for the junta to explain the situation in the international community….but I doubt that they travel much and don’t really care. And the UN? They don’t really care either. So life goes on. You either take care of yourself and your country….or you don’t….thats YOUR own choice.