Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Young Enough or Old Enough

The UN Committee on the Rights of the Child, with the ACLU challenging the US government on allowing 17-year olds to enlist. They also are upset that ROTC is allowed down into the high school level as well...with fourteen and fifteen year old kids involved in that.

The UN Committee is hinting that they think the US is complying with the rule of law based on the UN rules. Basically....the US is allowing enlistment of seventeen year old kids.....but none deploy until after the age of 18.

I sat and pondered this situation. There are fifty different versions of "adult" in America. Generally, we all agree on license age at 16....but then everything is up in the air. You want to get married....there are some states where a 14-year old can marry with the parent's permission. You want no permission of Mom or Dad? generally have to be 18, except Michigan. In Mississippi....if you are still gotta have dad's permission.

You want to drink? There are fifty different versions to the drinking age. In some counties in could still be 75 years old, and you can't drink.

You want to buy a car? In some can buy and own the car yourself. In some states its 18.

You want to get a hunting license? Some states allow it at 17.....and some at 15.

Its funny how the ACLU doesn't say nothing negative about these situations. Who is mature at 14? Who is mature at 15? Who is mature at 25? Who is mature at 45? The answer varies depending who the heck you are dealing with. I've known some 16 year old punks who were fully capable of thinking and acting like an adult. I've known some 40-year old folks who should have been sent back to high school and couldn't maintain themselves in public.

The Air Force years ago set up a rule that you had to have a high school diploma in your hands to join. It was a tough standard....which some might laugh at....but we tend to expect a guy who can read and comprehend. I can understand the Marine situation....and the concept of taking a young punk who can be molded into a top-class Marine.

The puzzling thing here is that while the ACLU is busy fingering the US.....there are Muslim kids at age 14....picking up a weapon and trying to kill and American GI....and our guy is going to respond and probably kill the 14-year old kid. Thats the sad truth about this entire mess. Its nice that ACLU works so hard on our case, and can't fix the other folks situation....but then the ACLU is non-existent in Afghanistan today....primarily because the Islamic folks decided the only good lawyer....was a dead one. We won't do that in the US......we have some morals left in our least I think so.