Friday, 20 June 2008

Our Present Society

Cape Cod Times reports that folks around Cape Cod, Mass....are having some serious issues. There are a significant number of folks....half men and women, and half men and men....who are pounding the sand (lusting in the physical way) alot. There are 20 miles of coastline....which if get a $150 citation. Well....this was no big issue back in the 1970s or 1980s....but in the past five years or so....this has become a serious problem.

Frankly....folks are now aggressive enough and simply don't care if they are seen. Last year in August...some group on a boat saw twenty to thirty guys....strictly guys....playing around near some lighthouse.

Last year, there were 132 citations handed out....which is triple what you'd expect in the 1980s apparently.

So what is going on here? Frankly....a growing number of folks don't care if they are the most extreme lusty fashion possible. Even if a whole church bus of Baptists pulled up...they'd continue their act and finish it off before leaving the beach area.

I don't think this is strictly a Cape Cod thing. I'm of the mind that folks are doing this in the south, the midwest, and the west coast. Last year....I was chatting with some guy who had been on vacation to the Florida Keys, and was sitting there fishing quietly by himself....when he noticed some boat about 500 ft away....and two guys in the back half of the boat having sex. It was pretty obvious to him, and they really didn't care if he saw them or not.

Its a relative sign of our period....sliding toward the Roman period...where anything was acceptable....and the public had to put up with this slide of society. I don't think we have much choice anymore.....its a guaranteed slide at this point.

The Hoax

A few days ago...I blogged on the Canada situation with six different feet washing up on the shore there....all from different bodies. Well....yesterday....the cops finally came around and admitted that the sixth one was actually a dog-paw wrapped in a tennis shoe. Basically, a hoax. Now, it would appear that they are fairly upset and starting to wonder about the other five and whether they might be planted.

Its a pretty cruel and sad hoax....and the guy doing this dog-paw an idiot in my mind. I'm curious about the others now....but figuring they must be real.