Wednesday, 25 June 2008

Reorientating the Immoral Compass

For months, I was worried that John McCain was going to be honest and morally capable.....which worried me. Typically, you can always depend upon Republicans to take bribes and be generally much as a democrat. So today.....I finally started to see signals of things going back to the old republican party I was used

EADS, who had the Air Force bid in their pocket for the new tanker....came to discover last week that the audit favored Boeing. In fact....the audit guys sat there and scratched their head because things were really screwed up. By the end of the was apparent that the Air Force bent various award EADS the contract for $45 billion.

Who was behind this effort? Well....John McCain, of course.

John actually wrote some amazing letters to the Air them various bits of advice....which amazed everyone how well that he understands this entire tanker business and manufacturing. Course, then we discovered today that four members of John's campaign staff are former EADS lobbyists.

This has certainly helped me resettle my worries that the republicans were finally getting clean and pure. It would have sadly been a tragedy for America to lose one of its best corrupt organizations.

What happens at this point with John McCain? I'm guessing the democrats will call for a hearing and ask why he issued his big letter to the Air Force....and what he else he did in supporting EADS. We may find by November that he's not exactly the kind of guy you'd want as president.