Sunday, 13 July 2008

The Tourist Shooting

This week in North the "enchanted" hotel that South Koreans are allowed to buy a package tour (and only that package)....there was a shooting. A female South Korean was shot dead.....outside of the tourist-zone, by a North Korean soldier on patrol. He apparently gave instructions to stop, and she didn't.

This has triggered a fury of events and the tourist package is now suspended (by South Korea). At least until things are figured out on this.

I looked over the events. This woman got up around 4AM and walked out the door around 04:30 (at least several South Korean papers say this). She left the building and the tourist zone....and went a fair bit beyond that....where she was shot. I've been trying to figure the reasoning for her and the walk. Its curious that a number of papers write that she was wearing black clothing.

I would suspect that she wanted "death-by-cop" (a growing trend in the US where you do something stupid, to be shot by the guns on want to die). The South Koreans haven't said alot about the personal history of this woman, but I'm suspecting that she's had a death or two in the family and was a bit suicidal. But I'm suggesting this because nothing else makes alot of sense in this case. I doubt seriously that she was a spy.

So what has happened? Well...the South Koreans say they want to understand what happened, so they have suspended the tour business until this is answered. The North Koreans are furious at this action....and have halted the tours until South Korea apologizes for the "insult". There will be absolutely no apology for the shooting of the woman....she will be treated as an intruder and probably even a spy.

I'm guessing a good six months will pass....maybe even twelve. After a while...everyone will forget the woman and the incident.....and more tourists will be brought into the country. Life will likely be back to normal by the end of next year....I'm guessing.