Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Global Warming Causing Kidney Stones?

Science reports around the web today.....discussed the newest find......global warming is causing kidney stones. At first.....being almost fifty....I got real worried. Sitting there at the desk....I felt my lower side and started wondering this pain or that pain might be the global warming stones. Then....it hit me....we are actually undergoing global cooling (the switch that started five years ago).....so global cooling is actually good for me.....and I won't get the stones. It felt good.

I sat and pondered what could occur while global warming might one day occur....and I came to think that increased root canals, increased sexual desire, freaked out mental attacks, zombie-ism, baldness, increased hair length, and lack of intelligence. I don't want to point too many of these out to the global warmers...they'd just steal my data and proudly announce this crap the next day on CNN.