Wednesday, 16 July 2008

The IT Dimwit

Out in San Fransisco....the city had this central server....ran by this one IT run and back-up for city data.

For at least a year....the management had been wanting to fire the guy....attitude problems....some issues that strongly appeared like drug usage....but then they felt worried he would do something to the server.

So last week....according to press reports....they came to handle the situation and found that they couldn't log in for administrative actions....he'd fixed up the passwords.

They've arrested the guy....but find that a number of things are cut-off.....and there is a hint that he has control to the system....even sitting in the jail. Some folks suggest a second person helping. Some think it is voice activated. Some think it might be a time-released episode that might be ready to occur at any point.

Frankly....on day one of any issue and I felt he was a threat to the server....I would have fired the guy and had the IP addresses changed on the entire network....and then had an independent company rebuild the system. If the data was lost....fine....blame the idiot and ensure he gets the $500k bill on repairs and another $10 million for data lost. I'd work hard to get him a 20-year sentence in prison....and ensure that he never came near a computer for the rest of his life. I don't have pity for any guy acting in this fashion. He's a criminal....period.

The amusing thing that across America...there are 10,000 folks like this idiot....who are sitting in jobs and forcing companies to give them higher pay raises each year....because of the threat. The Air Force Cyber Command? Well....they are wasting their time thinking that the damn Chinese are the real threat in America. Our real threat are these 10,000 idiots who are ready to destroy bank, business, and government data. The Chinese a far second in terms of a threat to America.

What will happen here? I'm guessing a group of experts....some working for free....are going to crack his password and fix the entire issue. The jail threat? Damages done will be enough to get the guy five years in prison and a fine of at least $250k. I doubt that they will allow him near a computer in prison....and his work after he gets out? Well....he ought to be working at Burger King or McDonalds. What might shift him around to be cooperative?'d help to move him into a group cell with a dozen crack-heads....and just him sit there for 24 hours. I'm sure he'd get clear in the head by that point and fix what had to be fixed.