Monday, 28 July 2008

Seattle and the Light Rail Woe

For a city of half a million....Seattle is trying hard to become a world-class town. But the city has mass transit woes. So in November, there is a ballot measure coming spend $17 billion on a rail and bus agenda. Its a tremendous amount of money. Alot of residents are questioning this type of project.

I lived in the Tacoma area for fifteen months....and traveled up to Seattle on twenty or thirty occasions. The area of Seattle is huge....and luckily the Sound carves out a huge portion of the area....which invites everyone to live north, south or east of Seattle for the most part....unless you really want to ferry yourself around.

The locals just aren't mass transit minded.....and most major businesses now thrive on the outskirts of Seattle.....avoiding this entire journey to the heart of the city. So I'm already betting support barely creeping to 40 percent on this passage in November. It would have been an easier sell to the just walk in and sell one chunk of the plan at $3 billion over two years...and folks would have bought off on that. Then I would have returned the next year to announce the next another $3 billion. So on and so forth. That would have been the easier sell.

So for you folks in Seattle...I raise a beer to you.....and hope you might get with the program, and just sell little things to the public.

Alabama and Toys

Normally, with a title like ought to be a "G" rated least for folks from Ripley. Sadly.....I must inform you folks....this topic borders on the line of indecency....and may truly bother some of you tonight.....maybe even causing you to weep or call your mental health doctor. Sadly, it is necessary to discuss this very delicate topic.

Since 1998, Alabama has had legislation in halt the sales of.....intimate bedroom toys. I should not go into detail of what this really means...other than to say that woman are the chief purchasers of such toys and it is very disturbing to the Baptist population of Alabama that such behavior is carried on.

How this legislation ever came to one is quiet sure. When the "boys" usually meet in Montgomery....its usually to talk NCAA football, wild parties in New Orleans, new septic tank technology, legal but corrupt methods of bribery, horse racing, a wild new New York City hooker in Montgomery, and poker tips. Amongst the weeks of various meetings....there really isn't anything much ever accomplished in Montgomery....and if so....its usually written up by a lobbyist and pushed through by naive but dimwitted representatives.

On this particular yar of 1998.....apparently some Baptist revival occurred and got the "boys" all in a tirade. There were simply too many women in Alabama....abusing their bodies with the temporary thrill of a toy. These were being sold through sex shops, gas stations, flea market vendors, and even Bar-B-Q joints. This mass sales of sex toys.....was tearing the heart out of Bama. It was wicked.....with the ultimate motive of destroying the greatest state of the fifty.

So the boys got together, and basically outlawed the complete sales of sex toys, with one provision. If you had a medical exemption, you could still buy a sex toy in Bama. Yes, with a medical were still ok. As you sit there now, and imagine such a state.....such a clause....and such a large group of women in Bama today....with medical situations demanding sexual toys.....things have reached a erect as you could possibly be.

The thing about that it only got enforced last year....when the US Supreme Court refused to hear the case. I'm guessing that the court really didn't want any dildo discussions going on or "Big John" interpretations occurring.

I've pondered this mess over and over....and think I have two methods of fixing the sex toy ban.

First....there's nothing wrong with going back to the sex toys of the 1880s.....mostly wooden axe handles, carrots, and cucumbers. I believe that we could review the ban, and allow pre-modern devices to be readily sold through Alabama, and thus avoid depriving these poor women their toys. I've fantasized greatly over life in 1880's Bama and the lusty events that must have occurred, and this type of lifestyle might be acceptable to this Baptist legislature in Montgomery.

Second.....we could heavily tax all of these toys....say $8 a device.....and dedicate that money to the poor libraries of Bama. The millions and millions made off of this tax, would greatly serve the state. Eventually, we could double the tax, and then set aside half of the money to the mental addiction that these poor women have...and get them settled into real lifestyles that only the Baptists can offer. I wouldn't even have a problem with gas stations selling the long as they were under the counter and reserved for women forty and older.

As you can see....I've spent an awful lot of time contemplating and pondering this episode.
Perhaps too much. I fear the Montgomery crowd has drifted away from the normal world of duck hunting, NCAA football, and corruption.....and they are beginning to lose their compass point of being a true blue Democrat or a absolutely corrupt Republican (Karl Rove-type). Lets bring reality and sex toys back to Bama.....for the sake of our women.

Jon Voight Reflecting on the 1960s

Jon Voight wrote an article this past weekend. He did something that you'd hardly expect....he came out swinging against the Obama crew and the agenda that they preach.

I thought it was a four-star effort.....commenting that Obama "has grown up with the teaching of very angry, militant white and black people: the Rev. Jeremiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan, William Ayers and Rev. Michael Pfleger."

Voight makes a very great statement here. Obama's message is "change"....but without any value added. The sale is destined for the youth of America....where there is a great belief that things must change...without the odd factor of reasoning why we'd want a "God-like" man to lead us. He doesn't hint the Hitler-word....but there little left in the imagination when you add up the speeches. World-president isn't on list of requirements for an American president....nor will it ever be.

I'm of the personal belief that the Republican National Convention ought to invite Jon Voight out to give a 45-minute speech. He might bring down the house....which might be whats necessary at this point for the Republicans.

Just How Bad do You Want to Leave?

Amsterdam has enacted a $71 fee....for you to fly out of their airport. Its amusing what this has generated in terms of alternate airports. Both Belgium and Germany are trying to hustle up some alternate entice the Dutch to cross the border, and forget paying the $71 fee. The thing the time you figure the extra hour or two on the road.....the extra gas....and various little add-on' basically didn't save a single penny off the $71. So its all a mind game that they are playing here...enticing some naive think they can save $71....when they can't.