Thursday, 31 July 2008

In a Wiki-inary World

Wiki-inary: Imaginary truth, with imaginary facts.....blended in imaginary give you imaginary history (if George Orwell lived today).

So in my Wiki-inary world, Dick Cheney shot 32 men with his shotgun while hunting, and the CIA hid the bodies in an abandoned oil well platform in the Gulf.

In my Wiki-inary world, Bill Clinton never.....ever.....had sex with any woman....even Hillary.

In my Wiki-inary world, Nancy Pelosi is a saint, who bakes bread each morning before she leaves for the congressional job....then delivers cookies to homeless folks, and wraps up the day praying for world peace.

In my Wiki-inary world, the Texas Governor's mansion to be built....will cost less than $300k, have a environmentally friendly septic tank that purifies the sewage before the governor's family sprinkles it on the garden, and the Texas flag is embedded in every door with Ivory.

In my Wiki-inary world, Senator Obama is a direct descendant of Columbus, Buford Pusser, Babe Ruth, the Pope, and Larry King.

In my Wiki-inary world, Senator Clinton should have won Iowa but simply forgot that the state existed.

In my Wiki-inary world, Karl Rove is a evil man who would destroy the New York Yankees....if given a chance.

In my Wiki-inary world...Madonna never.....ever....had sex with Alex Rodriguez.....and if she was real sex but imaginary sex, which doesn't count.

In my Wiki-inary world.....smokers are the product of Satan and will eventually destroy the earth with their foul product.

In my Wiki-inary world.....square dancing originated with Gypsy's and they also gave us the corndog. Gypsy's are wonderful people.....who would never ever rob you.

In my Wiki-inary warming is real, and Al Gore walks on water.

In my Wiki-inary world.....the recipe for Coke is held by the Republicans at a secret vault in Oklahoma City.....with five Mormons guarding it.

In my Wiki-inary world.....women who shop at stores wearing pajaas, tube tops, and no underwear....are just innocent women with a rare taste in tastelessness.

In my Wiki-inary world....."Lost" was originally written by Nostradamus and handed down via a secret envelop to Judge Judy one day while on tour in Israel.

In my Wiki-inary world....Bush stole both elections....and actually doesn't even remember how he stole them.

The truth Wiki-inary world is pretty lame, and I'd just as well prefer to live in New York least its a factual place where things actually breathe. The idea of a Wiki world where truth is bent and redone....for personal kinda amusing, and sad. This isnt' the stuff that historians appreciate. And as a society, we are all lesser for these actions.

Salim Ahmed Hamdan

So, somewhere amongst all of the court doings of today in Gitmo....with the case of Salim Ahmed Hamdan up....the evil....the absolute evil Hamdan.....formerly the driver of Ossama.....came to a curious point today.

The military's prime case is that this guy is a huge player in the planning and effort to carry out the Ossama plans. Of course, the Hamdan defense is that he's a mere driver and no more.

So somewhere in the droppings of data today....someone actually was able to say that Hamdan has a fourth-grade education....and it got entered into the facts. I kinda sat there......with all of the greatly hidden classified data that Gimo pronounces that that the fact that a 4th grade graduate was a big-time player in 9-11.

Somehow....I'm sitting wondering how this really works, but then the Gitmo prosecutor and the White House really don't grasp this significance. If this guy really is a 4th grade drop-out, and did all of this evil planning and such.....then we'll finished as a society. Those 4th grade drops-outs are brilliant, and we can't match their strength. Course, only a fool would think that.....and I'm guessing that the prosecutor allowed the hopes of getting this case dumped.

It'll be hard for a military officer to convince himself that a 4th grader was able to contemplate the details and carry this much out. The longer that Gitmo goes on.....the lesser of an impact I think will occur out of this. It becomes a pretty sad case of American justice.

The Value of Wikipedia: Zero

Last year....I sat down and began reading up on a topic....and eventually came around to Wiki. This topic had to do with a cult group. As I read across Wiki, it suddenly hit me that the slant of the writing was very pro-support, rather than to analyze. The entire article fell into this category. I went to another cult group, and found the same support slant on writing. I came to question Wiki. This suspicion of poor authority and dimwitted writing support was upsetting me.

As I read across to college professor comments on Wiki.....there were the gradual feelings that Wiki couldn't be used to quote knowledge or references. Once this event occurs.....even if this a dozen professors here and've got a problem.

This past week, we had the John Edwards event occur in LA. The National Enquirer triggered the event, and had a fair amount of Enquirer information on John's liaison, the girlfriend, the $15k a month he pays her to stay hidden, and the hours that John spent in the hotel (more than two). After the story fell out into the open.....some folks went to Wiki to update John's page. Then they discovered that th editor who controls the page....wouldn't let the comment stick. There were some aggravated feelings here.

It became obvious that the editor who held authority over the page....didn't want anything that was connected to the National Enquirer on that page. What isn't obvious is whether they were protecting John Edwards or simply protecting the integrity of the page itself. At some point, the complaints mounted, and Wiki made a decision to freeze the page for around five days (more or less). The page was unfrozen today.....and a line or two was allowed in....suggesting the National Enquirer event....but not much more.

Perhaps a bit off here...but I suddenly have this feeling of 1984 and Animal Farm in my mind. When is a article...not an article? When is a bit of information not documented? When is a bit of knowledge captured?

Over the past year, I've noted well over fifty different topics on Wiki...which are not complete...and in some cases...containing material written by a "ghost" for the topic subject. Try a dozen different cult leaders or major cults in America. Try a number of major Democratic leaders who've been prosecuted over the past five years. Go attempt to input the names of the various women associated with Bill Clinton into a Wiki won't pass the editor involved.

If George Orwell existed today...he'd be very busy on a new novel...about "Wiki-inary" (Imaginary truth, with imaginary facts.....blended in imaginary give you imaginary history). Wonder why a growing number of history professors refuse to allow references back to Wiki?

Pump It Up: Afghanistan

So it was announced late yesterday that the Germans and NATO are playing with the idea of deploying AWACs to Afghanistan. Most folks just kinda stood there in awe and a tremendous waste of an asset in such a war. The key here....for those who don't grasp that the aircraft...if there are two tasked on this deal....will involve at least 500 troops and support personnel and pumps up Germany's number for war support.

What is gained? Well....another C-160 will leave Germany each week with four more pallets of beer....and thats about it. It looks good on TV, and the boys will be up at 30,000....very safe....and in bed by midnight. Thats about it. Kinda amusing in some ways...but typisch German.

The normal function of AWACs? Controlling massive air assets and attacks. So there isn't that much to control.....and its just another good PR job by Germany.