Sunday, 17 August 2008

If You are Feeling Irish Tonight

If you were feeling a bit Irish tonigh....needing a wee bit of drink...and perhaps looking for some Irish wisdom as you had you sip after sip....then may I offer you some of Irish drinking advice?

First, good as drink must always ends in thirst.

Women don't drink liquor but it usually disappears when they are present.

Its often sweet to drink but often bitter to pay for.

For some odd reason, a drink normally precedes a story...especially a good story.

And finally...whatever whiskey cannot cure...cannot be cured, period.

Pretty Neat Corruption

Senator Ted "Corruptible" Stevens is up on several charges federal court...which is a place that most of us would like to avoid.

So what did Ted do? Ted got smart and made friends. Ted rigged up a condo purchase in Florida (where else would an Alaskan Senator want a condo?) in 2001. He was supposed to put down ten percent of the $360k sales price.....$36,000. Ted took $5k out of his pocket and had a friend (such a dear and sweet friend), who loaned Ted $31k interest-free.

Well....yes, the friend was a partner in the development company, but you can't hold that against Ted. He makes alot of friends.

So a couple of months pass, and then ole Ted sold his condo. We aren't sure if he ever lived in it or entertained or even actually saw it. But Ted actually made $515,000 on the sale. Whatever fool paid that much for a $360k place (six months prior), was royally screwed. But then maybe he likes to pay hefty prices for property owned by congressmen and senators.

Ted then turned around and paid back the $31k loan, but he never....ever....reported it on his Senate financial-disclosure statements, as required. I'm guessing Ted just plain forgot about the other 99 senators do....and well....we should just forgive Ted. Maybe. Well....ok....lets put him in the Fed prison for three years.

How many senators or congressmen do this trick? I'm betting on seventy percent. Its quick, easy, and the public is always out of the loop.

The Dancing Bear

So yesterday, the next little Russia dance started up. Apparently, the Russians have decided to rethink some of their defensive strategy, and are coonsidering arming its Baltic fleet with nuclear warheads. For those who weren't aware....its been almost twelve-plus years since they did this.....back in the cold-war days. This is the Tit-for-Tat game that I blogged about two days ago. The US plan for the missile defense shield in Europe, using Poland as a missile site and another European country as the radar site....really irked the Russians.

So if you look at the'd see nuclear warheads back on submarines, cruisers and fighter bombers of the Baltic fleet based in Kaliningrad, the Russian enclave between Poland and Lithuania. Some folks in the Russian military staff are really happy at this point because they really didn't get any funding for the past ten years except enough to survive. Now....things are going to change. Of course, the key plus that the Europeans and the their natural gas and oil from we (you and I) will help fund these idiots.

The other thing to contemplate in this entire mess....with the lack of any real professionalism or leadership control (as we saw in Georgia) , we are basically going to have a bunch of wanna-be Russian military "players" who will pretend to be in control of nuclear weapons but probably don't know what the heck they are actually doing. Adding in some booze and incompetence, and you've got a 2-star monkey show on the nuclear sub.

By Monday afternoon, the buzz throughout Europe will be the new threat upon them and how things need to slow down. The pro-Russia crowd will state how evil the US is and how they really screwed up the entire situation. And the stop-the-war crowd will talk of the great damage that nukes can do to a society. The amusing that they fear nukes and allow a bunch of drunk Russians to run their lives.