Friday, 29 August 2008

Protest Sign At Denver

Amongst the few if any protests at the Denver Democratic National Convention this week....was this one sign that I found off Flickr, and it probably represents my protest feeling more than anything else that they did this week. The guy is correct.....we didn't really get anything to satisfy ourselves and are just accepting the second best solution.

Air Alitalia (Drip, Drip, Drip)

For almost twenty years.....Italy's massive Air Alitalia was the largest airline in the country and the most bankrupt airline as well. If you measured it against the top twenty-five airlines in the world...its the only one that has a business failure since the late 1980s. Today, the government who owns around 50 percent of the airline, finally admitted, that they are going into bankruptcy court and rigging up a deal with KLM.

A number of months ago, the government said that they would never sell off the national would simply not happen, and at that point...KLM said enough.

So the current deal being worked out is that the financially bad-off parts of Alitalia will be dissolved and taken care of by the government. The parts that actually make money will be purchased by KLM.....and the national airline will continue on with new management.

Its a curious thing. Air Alitalia basically became a spiraling situation when they kept giving out pay raises to incompetent managers, and refused to fire them. The same story with maintenance workers and the various people who just kept staying on and making the airline a pitiful organization. Every year, they got three to five percent pay raises.....even though it was in serious jeopardy with operations.

What emerges now? KLM fires all of the staff and personnel who aren't helping the airline and only has to deal with the parts that make money. The government gets to pay off these fools who felt they could stay on forever, with a poor operation. My guess is that the government will simply set up a fund and pay these guys $2k a just stand around and pretend they want to work but don't really care.

Its an interesting business situation to watch in motion. It was a welfare airline, with no hope. Now, it might actually turn around and challenge several airlines in Europe.

Edwards Worth $65k an Hour?

So an University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign student group, in mid-October, is paying John Edwards to come and speak to them? And the money they will pay? $65,000.

I sat there....contemplating what "Honest" John is worth for a 60-90 minute speech, and its not in the five-digit range or even the four-digit range. The tickets to this event? Free...thats the funny thing. Someone is fronting the student group and covering the cost of the hall and "Honest" John, plus his probable travel cost, and the likely chance for "Honest" John to meet his "Hoe" at a nearby five-star hotel for the evening.

In this case, I'm making a guess that the National Enquirer will have five of their best around the building and the hotel he is staying watch "Honest" John attempt to sneak over and enjoy four hours of rich, hot, lusty time with his "hoe".

Its amusing watching this stuff happen now....because its like an episode of "Lost", with people coming and going. I'd like for "Honest" John to get hired up for a reality show, where he has some reporters and his "hoe" in a hotel, and how "Honest" John gets to the room by avoiding the various reporters involved. Might be worth turning into a show.