Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Maxed Out on Hurricanes?

Mayor Nagin let everyone know yesterday, that folks in New Orleans are pretty well maxed out on evacuating from New Orleans. So if they have to leave again.....there is this little hint of federal cash being necessary to pay for all these folks. I kinda sat there laughing....kinda like the tax pay-back deal.....except some idiot will be at the interstate to hand you a $600 check cause they need the rest of America to pay for them to live there in New Orleans, and pay for each of your evacuations.

Frankly, I'm of the mind that we ought to just hand them a $10k check, and tell them not to come back. Let the levees drain in....and let the water stand where it ought to stand. This Nagin game of tasking America to pay for fools to live and evacuate from there.....is more than I can rightly stand.

Big Bang Tomorrow?

In about twelve hours....some dude in Geneva will throw a switch....and a system will start to examine the big-bang theory. The problem here....some say....is that we just might create a black hole.....and the earth might be eventually destroyed. No one is quiet sure....even the guys involved....as to what will exactly happen. Thats the puzzling part of this story.

I live around five hours away from the site by car. I'm figuring things go to the crapper.....I've probably got at least a couple of minutes before the black hole absorbs my territory and messes up my day. Maybe I even get a couple of hours or even days. This whole black hole business is pretty much unknown and most facts could be written on twelve lines of paper.

I'm thinking things will go ok....Democrats will go about their business of pumping up Obama, and writing more regulations over septic tanks.

Lance Armstrong will continue his planning for world domination in the Tour de France, the Yankees will hope that Madonna stays out of NY City for October, and Mayor Nagin of New Orleans will look for more methods to milk the Feds dry.

The producers for "Lost" continue to write the final script for Ben, Katie Couric is counting the hours before she's finished with the news business, and George Bush is wondering how the job of commissioner of baseball job will be after he ends office.

Pretty much everyone is planning on things going on past tomorrow. It has to be that way. And if we were wrong, and things go wrong....well....it was a pretty good day up until that moment.