Saturday, 13 September 2008

Stardate: 14 October 2008, Alabama?

Its an odd story, for Bama. In the last few months.....several channelers.....folks who predict things.....have come out and basically said that in mid-October of this year......a massive extraterrestrial vehicle will arrive on Earth, and park itself for three days over Alabama.

The chief individual giving the prediction?
Blossom Goodchild, an Aussie actress and author.

The reason given? Blossom says that this group intends to let themselves be seen and provide the media a great chance to capture the visit on film to silence skeptics. Later, as humans accept this visit (eventually) and we will all be blessed by the visitors.

I sat there for a long time....pondering this 14 October date, and the reasoning of selecting Bama as the arrival location.

I believe, long ago and far away.....deep in the alien race came and dropped off one of their kind, upon the Bama land. His memory was taken away and he was to adapt to this bold new world. That being was dropped off and walked through the valley of the Baptists, never grasped Redneck slang or the accent, and sought wisdom and wit.

As this Bama dude left the Bama land to wander over this earth....he became a learned individual and used his alien mental improve this world.

So the alien race has come find their "one".

I believe I am that "one".

So around the 14th of the mothership begins its descent to Bama.....I may have to terminate this blog.....and move onto bigger and better things. At least this is what I think. The only other possibility is that they are just stopping off to pick up some catfish and hushpuppies before heading home.