Tuesday, 30 September 2008

The Holy-Rollers

The Alliance Defense Fund has decided to challenge the IRS folks....in a rather curious situation. For about forty-odd years....IRS has had a rule that churches had to be quiet and not support political candidates.

So, 33 pastors across the US....are part of the guinea pig group....testing the IRS folks. In this case, IRS has no choice but to prosecute the individuals. If they don't....then its automatically assumed that they are off the hook. There are several curious things here to wonder about. Will the IRS folks dress up in Sunday-church-going clothing and attend services....in order to get the evidence on these terrible folks? Will IRS carry tape-recorders into the church and gather their evidence that way? Will folks be bribed to carry "wires" and tape a minister ordering his crowd to vote Democratic? Will it matter if they vote Republican or Democratic? These are the questions I have.

I'm also going to one extra step in this thinking. I think they ought to let these dimwits talk as much as they want. If they want to talk Satan, Bigfoot, GW, Karl Rove or hot lusty chat.....let them.....then tax the church like a regular money-making operation.

Yep...I'm actually suggesting letting the church pay their "fair" share on taxes.

Here's my logic. Churches of today go way beyond anything we dreamed of in 1945. There are mega churches today, which offer up private schools, daycare, and various business-like enterprises. We've got church corporations who run TV networks and entice folks to sponsor various condo deals. Frankly, cash in coming and going on a daily basis. This isn't what we conceived as "tax-free" status for these type organizations.

We have idiots working for religious organizations.....pretending to be CEO-level folks.....getting a $700k house as free, and a salary of $400k a year. We have churches which keep up a Learjet for the CEO-minister to travel around, and the "family" stays at 5-star hotels on a nightly basis..free.

So I don't buy this tax-free status any longer. I'd like to see them dumped, and just let them chat all day on any topic they want. If they want their free speech....fine.....act like a regular business operation and just pay taxes off what you make.