Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Never Ever Drink Around Artists

There is a reason why you never ever drink around artists who have a sense of humor. You might drink too much and pass out.....and then things might not be the same when you wake up. Incidentally....this is from Russia.

Washed-Up Star?

In front of a big crowd in New Jersey, Madonna, on her Sticky and Sweet tour, tossed out her comment: "Sarah Palin can't come to my party. Sarah Palin can't come to my show. It's nothing personal."

Nothing personal on this Madonna....but to be honest....I haven't really had much interest in your act or music since maybe 1997 (eleven years ago). Evita was the last decent album that you put out.

As for the London life and high style that you live....well....again to be honest.....I haven't really followed anything and don't read much on whats hot with Madonna or not.

Its nothing personal Madonna....but there is this "smell" of a washed-up rock star that I get when I see you on TV. Certainly higher than David Hasselhof....but you know....if you aren't selling albums to old dudes like me or to teenies who listen to young hot bands....then who is buying your stuff? Think about that. Its a dying crowd. If you held a Madonna concert in Houston....it'd barely bring out five thousand folks. Bring 50 Cent....it'd be thirty thousand. Her status is slipping and sliding. Now, she is even dopey enough to deny Sarah Palin to a concert. She might as well declare me unwelcome and do herself a favor. And the other eight million folks from Bama? They probably aren't welcome either.