Monday, 20 October 2008

A Difficult Wife

Madonna went as far as banning TV's in the house and newspapers. There's a list of reasons running around that Guy Ritchie has....and why this guy was so miserable with living with Madonna. I read over the list (its on at least thirty different sites).

It appears that Guy's entire life was dictated and run by Madonna. He was left virtually nothing....even the food he ate or the lifestyle. Madonna ran through $1000 jars of various cremes and oils....then slept in some kinda plastic outfit to halt the aging process. I'm guessing Guy just sat there....wanting to laugh.....and he really couldn't.

Madonna was freaked out on coffee and particular type of java. She had the same freaking feeling with blueberries.....having those flown in from Canada, and they had to be organic in nature. We aren't talking about a monthly thing....we are talking about a daily thing.

Madonna apparently had a huge dislike of any type of processed meat....extending this into all corners of the house. If you were a friend of Guy....that might be the one and only occasion that meat might be brought in for guests.

Fresh milk? Oh my.....Madonna apparently can't stand anything to do with cows. Even if Guy wanted tea with was basically forbidden.

Sugar in the house? Nope, not an ounce. Maddona apparently banned sugar entirely. Course, then you'd wonder how'd an individual ate biscuits, ice cream or cakes....but then you didn't have to....thanks to Madonna. Even cheese, cream, salt and preservatives were forbidden.

Guy could rely upon Madonna to spend two entire hours a day.....six days a week....working out.

TV's and newspapers? Banned by Madonna.

All of this....tossed with Madonna obsessed with being desired by millions and still appreciated as a rock legend.....which is spiraling downward every month now. At age fifty....she's basically finished. She couldn't stand that.

As for Alex Rodriguez, the boy-toy of New York that Madonna is going to turn to? Well....Alex is going to suddenly find that full-time lifestyle times of Madonna is fairly miserable. The chanage of diet? The switch to vegetarian meals and no dairy items? Alex will find his physical abilities challenged.....and by June of 2009....he will under performing for the Yankees....with questions over his future. By July of next year.....he leaves the relationship.

The boy-toys of Madonna? Watch them as they come and go over the next five years. She's become miserable over life at age 50, and making life for those around her just as miserable.