Monday, 10 November 2008

Just Thinking

As most of you know...I have a disorder. I'm stuck in a thinking mode twenty-four hours a day. I'm calculating, pondering and analyzing on a constant basis. There are probably eighty-eight problems or situations that I've reviewing each day. Some, I come to a conclusion on....and some just linger. Its a terrible disorder....but for the sake of blog writing....I can find new topics on a daily basis.

This past month, over in Japan....a national disaster prevention panel sat down and discussed something that I've often pondered about. What if a big major earthquake were to hit Tokyo on a weekday, and people needed a toilet in the hours after the quake? I have actually pondered this problem and spent hours gazing at the problem at hand.

This group eventually came to an estimate that 12 million Japanese folks would run out of the office buildings, and storm the city center. Then.....within two hours.....the vast number would need to use the toilet....somewhere. The truth, guessed by this that some folks might have to wait up to seventeen hours.....before finding an adequate toilet to use.

I can only imagine that the panel use computer simulation to come to some of these toilet conclusions. Considering the amount of coffee that guys over fifty drink, the number of boiled eggs consumed each morning, and the motion of the earth upon your bodily functions....would all impact on the timing and desire to find adequate toilet facilities quickly. Just the idea of thinking I'd have to walk four blocks when I know I can only make it four hundred feet....before "deep impact"....makes this a bothersome topic.

I'm guessing that behind this....are some guys who'd like to plan out earthquake toilets around the city....with pre-planned paper and help those in great need. In a time of crisis....there is always someone there to plan ahead. I kinda wish they'd start a think-tank on this....and maybe I could get a new job....least for a couple of months.

Be One

It is a curious concept....conversational hypnosis. If you had spoken about this concept ten years ago...we would have all laughed. In the past couple of years....reality now requires us to consider that the term....conversational hypnosis....actually does exist.

Basically, I would speak at a pace and lead in a bypass your normal listening method. If I make repeated and associated will eventually be easily accepting what I deliver to your brain to process.

For example....if I stood and gave you a hour-long speech and kept repeating“that’s why I stand here tonight,” “now is the time,” and “this moment”....over and end up turning your brain on half-power and not paying attention to what I'm really saying. Especially if I repeat those phrases fourteen times in that hour.

If I started to really ramp up my grip on you....I'd merely start to pace the speech with words like “and,” “as,” “because,” or “that is why.” I could even say “we need change” but never for an instant explain what it is I'm going to change. Your brain is mostly turned off so you don't ever ask where the change is located.

Visual imagry and metaphors are also great tools of getting your brain into a accept-it-all trance. I could toss in some really fine extra slow speech. I could add rhythm. I could even say forty lines of text but never go beyond the vague state of description.

Ever watched Hitler video-clips? Note the hand gestures. Using the can use them like hypnotic anchors. You can give one entire signal with the fingers.....and associate that with a comment like "change", "believe", or "together". It'll be like an ape giving you the forty-four different hand signals to indicate "trouble, Jim", or "bananas, please" or "cute butt". After a while, you get used to the signals and automatically associate them with the figure using them.

One of the great moments in political history this past twelve months....was the comment that Senator Obama gave: “a light will shine down from somewhere, it will light upon you, you will experience an epiphany, and you will say to yourself, ‘I have to vote for Barack.” The tone, the slowness of the speech, and the vagueness of it....simply bypassed your brain in terms of processing. You accept, rather than process.

Somewhere in the vast state of being....we should have some sign of an intelligent race....assembling information and actually processing it. If we can't process it....then what? Are we destined for something that involves automatic smiles when someone speaks? Its a curious state of life in America today....almost like being assimilated by the Borg (StarTrek).