Saturday, 29 November 2008

Carleton and Cystic Fibrosis

Up in Canada this week....the folk who attend Carleton college are a bit amused by all of the business that unfolded.

Apparently....the student council members are on the verge of being kicked out......a very rare event. The trigger? The student council made a decision to drop cystic fibrosis as an official charity beneficiary for its annual Shinearama fundraiser. The reason? As the council readily explained.....the disease "has been recently revealed to only affect white people, and primarily men."

Apparently, that announcement was enough for Carleton students to rally up and try to clear their school's name with a petition to impeach the student president. In two days....they collected 1,000 signatures for the impeachment process.

The science department person responsible for the "analysis"? Donnie Northrup. Donnie was brought in this year for a "fresh prospective". He wanted to fight for accessible post-secondary education. He wanted to address student voter apathy and organize a campaign against it by hosting an open forum with government education critics. Donnie even chatted up efforts to increase sustainable environment practices on campus.

So far, the biggest contribution on campus by Donnie? He introduced a effort to the eliminate styrofoam cups at Rooster’s Coffeehouse in favor of a more sustainable material. They didn't really say what the sustainable material is...but I'm assuming old fashion coffee cups. The curious thing is that you have to wash those and you end up with additional employee costs somewhere in the chain....with the hot water added in as well. Donnie didn't really grasp the extra cents added to the coffee price.

The student president? Well....Ms Brittany Smyth said she was "very sorry for the confusion" and stated that they would have an emergency meeting on Monday to try and rescind the decision to pull support for the annual "Shinerama" fundraiser

Basically....what we are seeing is a continual trend. Its not just cystic fibrosis...its climate change and global warming...its the explanation of wind energy and solar replacing coal & nuclear power (will never happen)...its the explanations to save Polar Bears...and it goes on and on.

You’ve got an entire generation of people who claim that they went to college and got “smart”....thus earning a “certificate” of some sort. Then they export themselves onto the public, TV and the media as experts. I sit there and listen on rare occasions to the guys they bring on NPR. Some claim certain credentials but then you check their background on the internet...and its marginal at best...yet they act as “experts”.

Its curious what happens if they precede fast enough to impeach the student president...before she rescinds the entire order and offers up an apology. I’m pretty sure it will all be undone. The student body on Monday might stop their entire effort...because they achieved success. As for this student president...there will be numerous people attending student council meetings over the remaining school year...and watching her every comment. I don’t think she’s really off the hook yet.