Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Just a Dash of Vinegar

So this is what happened to me today. I have a co-worker who I've known for almost five years....he's GS and he's finally leaving Germany. Today, he wanted to take me and two asociates off-base for lunch. We said "fine", and then he said to meet him in the parking lot....we'd go in his Volvo station wagon (the junker).

So he pulls up and I'm riding in the backseat....but as I open the door, I notice two bottles (the 1-gallon size) in the bottom. One was cooking oil. One was vinegar. I notice that its pretty "wet" down there in the feet area of the car....VERY wet in fact. Then this smell hits me.

By this point, he has come around, and he now realizes that the two bottles that the wife gave him that morning to dump at recycling.....well...one of them has opened during his drive. The vinegar bottle.....and its emptied totally into the backseat area.

We have a bit of a laugh, and I go ahead to sit down. We all are in the car.....moving through the parking lot, and the smell is a bit overwhelming. I notice by this point that my loafers are not airtight, and I've got a bit of vinegar in my loafers now. Wet socks, with vinegar killing any foot order that I may have had.

We make it to the Italian restaurant, but I've got this vinegar smell in my noise, and it just continues on.

The curious thing is that our buddy is leaving Germany within two weeks and was going to sell the "beast" tomorrow for $450. Its a 14-year old Volvo of questionable worth prior to the vinegar episode, and I'm pretty curious if he can even get $200 now. The deal was made a couple of days ago......so it'll be curious if he can get the smell out.

Its funny.....I'll end up remembering this guy.....more for the vinegar episode than the five years of working with him.

An Inch is 50 Miles

This is what we know....down in Mississippi....a George County High School football died after being pulled over by the local cop for running a stop sign. The kid, 17 years old, died of what appears to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound....at least this is what the cops are saying.

Billey Joe Johnson is the kid involved. The location? Lucedale. The best we can say is that the cop had pulled the kid over....taken the license and gone back to his police car to call in the episode. While sitting there.....Billey Joe somehow pulled out a unseen shotgun, put it to his head, and then killed himself.

"The deputy was sitting in his patrol vehicle ... when he heard a gunshot and saw the victim laying on the ground by the driver's side door of the vehicle that Johnson was driving. A shotgun was laying on the victim," according to a Sheriff's Department statement.

I sat there for a good three minutes reading over this story. There are two dozen sources on the story, but they all come back to the same facts....nothing new. I sat there....pausing over what they wanted me to believe. This kid is being recruited by a dozen colleges. He is considered one of the best prospects in the entire state for next year. The coach, the staff, the locals....are in total disbelief.

Frankly, I'm in a state of NON-belief. Pull out a shotgun (unloaded of course). Go sit in your car. The only location you could put a shotgun within easy reach...is the backseat....either on the seat or the floor. A shotgun is long and difficult to quickly drag over the seats. Once you did drag it over the seats....then the problem of getting this to your head and in a position to shoot yourself. Picking a rifle or shotgun to kill yourself....is highly impractical. It can occur, but its just not the weapon of choice. Trying to get the stock in a position to shoot yourself....is fairly difficult.

You see....I don't buy this story at all. I'm more of the mind that this kid was stopped by the cop....and something went wrong in the cops presentation....and ended up shooting the kid.

What the cop really has to worry about....is that the gun barrel was more than a foot from the kid's body when it fired. If this scenario is figured out by the investigators....then the suicide angle is completely wasted and cannot occur. I'm thinking the medical examiner today is looking very closely over the body of the kid....and the wound is being measured out.

The cop involved? Either the suicide story is 100 percent true, or its 100 percent false....and the inches of the gun barrel to the body...are like 50-mile lengths. Every inch matters. I'll sit from a distance to watch this episode....but I have my doubts.