Monday, 15 December 2008

"Shoeless" Joe Of Iraq

So there is "Joe" the plumber, "Joe" Sixpack, and now....."Shoeless Joe".....who tossed two shoes at Bush today.

If I may offer my analysis.....the Iraqi the star.

GW did the football quarterback shuffle and dodged shoe one and two. There was al-Maliki, who didn't dodge a single one and even put his hand up to catch the second one thrown.

I was pretty impressed, and think if you were ever going to recruit for a professional dodge ball team....I'd want this al-Maliki guy on my team. He won't step away from the ball....he'll step toward it.

Anyway, my two cents. And the political fallout from this....some dude will be famous for life, for throwing two shoes at Bush. If thats the best you can do to get might as well be digging septic tanks for a living.