Thursday, 1 January 2009

Life in 40 Seconds

One year in forty seconds. Its an interesting prospective. Its the kind of thing you need to put to a kid who thinks of life as being forever. Life is fairly brief.

You Know?

This past week....up in New York...the heat is for picking the replacement for Senator Hillary Clinton. Of course, Caroline Kennedy, daughter of the one that wants the job...well...and Obama wants her to have it too. The governor would pick the temp replacement...but he is now very hesitant. So she's been doing interviews. I've pull out some quotes for you.

Caroline: I’m, you know, actually, Andrew Cuomo is someone I’ve known for many, many years and we’ve talked, you know, throughout this process, so, you know, we have a really good relationship and I admire the work he’s doing now and what he’s done, so I’m not really going to kind of criticize any of these other candidates, because I think there are a lot of people with great experience, and, you know, any one of which the governor could easily pick and they’d do a good job.

Note: this was one sentence...if you didn't grasp that. The woman has lung last that long. But did you notice? "You Know"? Count them. So lets continue on. Same interview...just later in it.

Caroline: I can tell you what I think I’d bring to this, which is, you know, I’m not a conventional choice, I haven’t followed the traditional path, but I do think I’d bring a kind of a lifetime of experience that is relevant to this job. I think that what we’ve seen over the last year, and particularly and even up to the last — is that there’s a lot of different ways that people are coming to public life now, and it’s not only the traditional path. Even in the New York delegation, you know, some of our great senators — Hillary Clinton, Pat Moynihan — came from, you know, other walks of life.

Note: Count the "You Knows".

Caroline: So I think in many ways, you know, we want to have all kinds of different voices, you know, representing us, and I think what I bring to it is, you know, my experience as a mother, as a woman, as a lawyer, you know, I’ve been an education activist for the last six years here, and, you know, I’ve written seven books — two on the Constitution, two on American politics.

Note: Count the "You Knows".

Caroline: So obviously, you know, we have different strengths and weaknesses. And I think I also bring kind of a lifetime commitment to public service, a knowledge of these issues, and I’ve spent a lot of time encouraging people, and younger people, to go into public service, through a lot of the, you know, nonprofit work I’ve done.

Note: Count the "You Knows".

Caroline: I think they would make me a really good pick for this job, and, um, it’s up to the governor to decide, you know, who would be the best. Really. And I think there are many ways to serve, and I’ve loved what I’ve done so far, and I plan to continue, I think, you know, serving and advocating for the issues that I think are important.

Note: Count the "You Knows".

Caroline: So, if it’s this, that would be wonderful, because I really do think that the relationships that I have in Washington — you know, I worked hard on the Obama campaign, I have a good relationship with many of the people that are coming in to the administration, in the Senate, others, both sides of the aisle, you know, that’s the kind of work that I’ve done outside of politics.

Notice any "You Knows"?

Caroline: I think that we are losing a very visible, very strong, very powerful advocate in Hillary Clinton, and I think it’s to New York’s advantage to have somebody who can, you know, bring attention to New York, you know, bring four people from The New York Times here to the coffee shop (laughter) and really put that to work for average people. This is not, you know, about me, it’s about what I can do to, you know, help New York get its fair share, help working families, travel the state, bring attention to what is going on up there.

Notice any "You Knows"?

Caroline: I may, and I think I represent a tradition that means a lot to me, which has really always been about fighting for others, for middle-class families, for working class — for working people, you know, and that’s a tradition and a commitment that I take very seriously.

Notice any "You Knows"?

Caroline: You know, this is all for the governor. And you guys are really focused on, kind of, the ins and outs and the comparisons of this process, and so, that’s really something that you should be asking him. Really. Um, you know, if you want to talk about, sort of, the economy or the issues, or me, that’s, you know — I’d be happy to do that.

Notice any "You Knows"?

Here's the thing....this was one interview....probably a 30-minute interview...which I barely went through three pages of the texts to find these quotes. And I will be was the New York Times...which I hate for lack of ethics. But the paper did an outstanding interview.

You know what I mean? You know?

Its a bad habit. I used to work with people who always started a sentence with "Well". I knew a guy who had to use "damn" in every third sentence. I've worked with guys who cuss in 90 percent of their speech. I've worked with women who always address men....even "honey". Its a habit that you develop and keep...for years. Its innocent for the most part. You don't want it in your 6PM news guy on channel nine or the weather guy, or the teacher at school who educates your kid. And to be honest....a political figure can't survive speaking like this.

Heres the thing though....New Yorkers are laughing about this "You Know"...and really count it as a negative against appointing Caroline as the temp replacement for Senator Hillary Clinton. Its an extremely bad habit and I doubt that she can just stop it. It'll take speech therapy. Meanwhile....she is fairly hesitant now to do any interviews....which I don't blame know.

So, its a bit of our world tonight, for better or worse...and life goes know. Man, I'm hoping I haven't picked this "you know" up.


A short blog, because I've watched this story for months and am not shocked at the outcome....The case of this kid in Florida who disappeared.....Caylee....took a turn yesterday as the grandparents of the girl are asking for immunity when questioned. A local paper in Orlando is now reporting this. It doesn't surprise me at all. The most that we can get out of the article is that the deal hasn't been concluded and the prosecutors have yet to get the information that fixes up the case completely.

Casey Anthony...the mother who the cops think was the culprit of the kid's disappearance....will find herself in court by summer....and if lucky...gets life in prison. Other than that....I really can't to say anything. I think the press has wasted volumes discussing the case....over and over....with no results achieved until that body was found in the last month. So, I'm hoping this is it....and I don't have to blog this story ever again.