Thursday, 29 January 2009

Our Daydreams

The USA Today says....half of America wants to live elsewhere.

Its an interesting article, with a survey conducted by the Pew folks.

I sat and pondered it most of the day. To be honest, if you asked me....yeah, YEAH, I'd really like to live elsewhere. I've been here in this area and region for 15 years now. I'd generally move just about anywhere (except New Jersey, New York City, St Louis, Paris, anywhere in Asia or the Middle East, the whole state of California, Miami, Memphis, New Orleans, Bolivia, Egypt, and Moscow. That leaves two thirds of the globe pretty much available to me.

The poll is correct....most folks daydream constantly and see a magazine featuring Coos Bay.....then they start thinking of a small town....and they get this itch to move. The problem is.....if they did pack up and move there....then they'd notice a bunch of drunks on Friday and Saturday night....a redneckish attitude in the local real urban things that city folks enjoy.....and a fairly rural mentality although its Oregon-minded. After a month or two....half of the daydreamers would start thinking of a new place to move.....and then move on.

Its the same problem with folks who move to Florida and wake to realize that there is crime in Florida, too many old folks who can't drive well, high taxes, and southern values clouded by political persuasion.

Where would I move? In a damn perfect world.....I'd likely find some off-beat British village in the middle of nowhere, with a bunch of fairly crazy people. I'd like to have access to British papers everyday. I'd like to have fish and chips for lunch each day. I'd like to have a MG which is mostly for show and not for operating. I'd like to have a red-haired lass tell me I'm wrong but in an authentic Brit accent.

The truth is.....I'm Bama.....and you really can't take the Bama out of me. It doesn't work that way. You could move me to Manhattan, and I'd still be Bama. You could dress me up in a kilt at a Scottish castle, and I'd still be Bama. I might be able to move anywhere, but then I would always display in a Bama sort of way. So tonight, as I rest my head upon the blanket, and dream of a moving truck heading to'll be a wonderful evening of sleep....and a great fantasy.

Chicago Tough

Various news outlets today carried the Obama reaction to snow in DC. Basically, the President came out and said that Washington folks need "Chicago toughness" and not act like wussies when some snow falls.

I paused here. "Chicago toughness"?

Throughout my life, I've had these toughness-ism's thrown at me. Here in the military sphere, there is "Army tough", which is supposed to be pretty badass. I'm thinking the Marines also have some expression like this (Marine tough). We Air Force folks are lucky and feel generally ok when we are referred to as "Air Force Wussies".

I used to work with a guy who described the streets of Memphis, and how you had to be "Memphis tough". He was mostly a ladies man, and I kept wondering if his version of tough was more of a Don Juan type lover.

Fans of the Steelers will say that "Steeler Tough" is awful damn strong, but then the Phoenix crowd might argue and say "Cardinal Tough" is good enough to beat "Steeler Tough".

I'm pretty sure that Governor Palin will say that "Alaska Tough" is four times stronger than "Chicago Tough".

Brittney Spears would likely argue that "Louisiana Tough" is more than enough for "Hollywood Tough".

So there are lots of versions of tough out there. As for the DC crowd....just drag your snow shovels out and act like real men....and show that "DC Tough" is more than enough. Maybe this will trigger some kind of tough guy competition in DC with a bunch of folks showing up to show how tough they are. We could use that kinda atmosphere right now.