Monday, 16 February 2009

Red Shirt, Blue Blazer, and Khaki Pants?

Last year, for two or three weeks, I commented several times via my blog on Clayton County, Georgia.

The school district, if you remember.....has lost its accreditation....based primarily on the incompetence of the school board, and the school director for the county. At that point, it was the only school district in America with no accreditation.....which means if you did happen to finish in really didn't mean much because no college was going to touch you. There was reportedly a second school district in the state of Georgia which was coming very close, but has apparently not crossed the line yet.

Today, we learn that the school board has decided, and funded.....uniforms for the school bus drivers. There is a long pause here....because I know you are about to gulp hard on that coffee.

Apparently, they've bought up uniforms....described as: khaki pants, blue blazers and red shirts. Apparently, NO least not yet....and I'm guessing dress shoes are mandatory.

This is the same district....which is laying workers off due to budget shortfalls.

Cost? $75,000.

Reason? Well....they say that this will prevent prevent school bus hijackings.

I sat there for a long while....looking through Google news and Yahoo....trying to find a school bus hijacking that I could profile and list as an example. So far, I haven't found one.

You may ask here....does the county have a history of school bus hijackings? Well....I thought maybe there was one or two....but one has ever hijacked a bus in the history of Georgia.

I sat and pondered over my upbringing in Bama. I went to the ninth grade at Anderson Junior High....and had bus driver the entire time....Reeder. Reeder was a Baptist fellow...very kind-hearted...with a country-style sense of humor. Reeder was also our school janitor. From day one, until the last day I ever rode Reeder's bus....he wore overalls. In nine years, I never saw the guy wear anything else. He always wore a button down shirt and short work boots.

To be kinda honest....I can't imagine any bus driver wearing anything else other than a pair of overalls.

To also be honest....if any idiot had ever attempted to hijack the bus....between the thirty-odd farm kids onboard...the idiot would have been torn up and hurt pretty bad by the time we got finished with him. Reeder would have been given the leftovers and probably said a verse or two from the New Testament, before whoomping the guy with the tire iron by the seat.

So I'm looking over at Clayton county. I'm wondering...where did you buy the uniforms? Tell us the name of the local company, and let us take a guess....they have relatives on the school board, right? I'm willing to put up $500 of personal betting money, that the uniform guy is local and a relative.

The cost of buying all of these folks overalls? Probably $22k, but hey....some of these modern folks are plain anti-overall, so you can't make them wear something like this.

So my suggestion now....for those of you in Clayton county.....all you guys need to buy up red shirts, blue blazers, and Khaki pants. Everyone should start walking around like this. Pretty soon...if there were any hijackers out there....they'd all be scared that all you folks were bus drivers. And just a short note of suggestion....for the same could have bought each bus driver a $129 Chinese pistol with thirty rounds of ammo AND a holster. That would have been probably a safer route to protect the kids than the blue blazer and red shirt.

Thank God....I don't live in Clayton county.

Car Czar No More

Sadly, we must report that a "Car Czar" position will not exist within the Obama administration. I had high hopes, and had my resume ready to send in...especially since I have no tax trouble...but the President said no.

So now, the plan is to several senior administration officials, to oversee the government-forced restructuring of the car industry.

Amusingly enough.....Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and National Economic Council Director Lawrence Summers....will oversee this government group...not the President himself or his chief of staff. This is different from the census episode where thats important enough for President Obama and the Chief of Staff to personally manage....but the car issues aren't? I guess I got that right...or wrong, depending on how you want to look at the situation.

The quote here from the White House.....the President "wants to make sure that we're getting the expertise and input of agencies across the government."

I paused here. I can't think of alot of events where I'd really trust the judgment or character of government officials. And I'd double that for car industry improvements.

What they may end up screwing up Ford, GM and Chrysler so much...that you will automatically walk into a Honda, Nissan, VW, or Mercedes dealership....and ask for one of their cars. If I were Ford...I'd make damn sure that no government official was involved in my fortune or misfortune.

As for the union guys....they can pretty much dictate whatever they desire....because there is zero chance of either of the three going under. The government will likely step in and force changes to dictate that. The sad part for you folk with stock in the're screwed. I'd sell the stock, take the loss, and just claim it as a tax deduction. Buy Honda....if you really care.