Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Just a Solemn Moment Please

A review is underway over images being made of American military personnel being brought back from Iraq via Dover. Under the Bush administration....pictures and images were strictly forbidden. The shot you see here....was one of the last shots taken before rules were put into effect.

Most people expect pictures to be allowed after this review. There are mixed feelings on both sides of this issue.

Throughout World War II, the Korean War, and Vietnam....no one really said alot about pictures taken or how they were used. Most news organizations were under a concept of "good taste" and would never use a picture in a manner that would be ill-suited for the image. Somewhere along the past decade.....people have begun taking images, and using them for various campaigns....some having nothing to do with respecting the men in the coffins. Some even go to the extent of making it a pro-war or anti-war comment out of the image.

I'm probably old-school on this business. When you have a GI who has returned in a coffin....I would expect full respect of the man, his life, his contributions, and his coffin. I would expect nothing less than that. To shame him or his life....gains nothing for you or your agenda.

The primary disrespect that I have witnessed....is CNN's act of having a reporter speaking while the background video ran to the side of the reporter....with various comments that had nothing to do with the man, or the respect that he is owed. I would expect a quiet solemn moment there with the news analyst or reporter....and not a single comment about the number of dead today in Iraq or Bush's Iraq policy.

The problem here is that you don't have real journalists around anymore....these are mostly journalist-wannabes, with no primary character or respect for anything beyond the network they work for.

So in a month, I expect the change to be announced....with photos and video now allowed. A day or two after that....there will be CNN...with one quick shot....to report that they now have permission to shoot video at Dover, and then they will leave. There might be an occasional team to show up, but I seriously doubt that anyone now wants to show anything about the war...since its not Bush in charge. So we'll forget this event and it'll be forgotten history in a year or two.

The Burning Bush

There was a great cartoon over at Candorville today....one of my more favorite cartoons. The cartoonist took President Obama and replaced him with the "burning bush"....thus making him "holy" and untouchable.

I spent a minute or two looking at it, and have to admit that it really does hit on the nerve of things going on in DC over the past month. You feel like some folks are walking around with some religious experience going on....acting like the "burning bush" was actually talking to them and making life better.

Whatever the "burning bush" says...is holy and not to be argued with. Moses was wise enough to know the Lord's words and to find purpose in them. CNN? I really doubt that they can function as "Moses" in this case, and their wisdom? Alot less than Moses....that much is clear.