Thursday, 19 February 2009


Perhaps an odd analysis....but here we are....almost four weeks into the new administration.....and basically all of the ills that existed with George Bush....continue on. We have a president with a 65-percent approval rating....yet on the other side of the platform.....almost 65-percent of the country says the nation is going in the wrong direction.

We still have the war in Afghanistan and Iraq. We still have Gitmo. We still have the war on terrorism in full effect. Most everything that you could have dumped onto George Bush.....still exists. In fact, we can add the current depression, and stimulus "hell" onto the mess.

There's hardly a minute of video of Iraq or Afghanistan nightly on the top three network news programs. Gitmo? It might get mentioned once or twice a week on CNN....but its very rare.

Its curious how things "change", and yet....they really didn't "change". And as time goes by....I expect less and less change.

Stage Action

Most of the news shops didn't have any photos of the Obama event over the stimulus bill being signed. I couldn't really understand I went back for a video clip of the event....and then kinda understood.

What you see is a guy by himself on some stage....with just VP Biden with him....and not a single Senator or Representative. There are no real people or "Joe the Barber" types there. Nothing.

I probably spent a good fifteen minutes just staring at this picture....which I took off Skynews (my second favorite British site). Most of the other players simply avoided the photo because it speaks volumes.

You would have expected a White House signing on Friday....but they thought they could stretch this out...and make it into some secondary event. After looking at the picture....I'm thinking this is a pretty lame atmosphere. The president looked silly and pretty much by himself. This turned the whole stimulus episode into some minor event in the end. The humorous part of this....still today....not one single member of the Senate or House or even the White House....has still read the bill.