Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Not My Government

Somewhere in the midst of today...Financial wizard Geithner....one of our favorite dudes in the White House...came up in congress and said he wanted the president to have authority to seize not only banks...but insurance companies, investment firms, and just about anyone whose primary business circles around money.

I sat there for a long while thinking about this. Basically...the President would just issue an executive order...then grab onto a insurance company....or Vanguard....or some Credit Union in Nashville.

I sat and then read over the Constitution....a good ten minutes....probably for the 88th time in my life...scaning for magical powers that are granted to the President to do something like this. Frankly...there's nothing there. So there might be something where Congress just granted the guy invisible powers relative to this...but I kinda doubt it.

This is not exactly something that I'd like to hand some guy in terms of power. We start getting into a point where the government comes up....grabs something...and then tries to run it. I can't think of anything much that runs ok after that point.

If this is so logical...why not allow the guy to seize a NBA team, or some boat manufacture company in Red Bay.....or some Honky Tonk in Winslow? Could we give the guy the power to seize CNN or grab ahold of Victoria's Secret? Would we grant the President authority to grab onto Hustler magazine? How about Coke, Pepsi, or Dollywood? Could the President grab the secret receipe to Kentucky Fried Chicken if he felt it was necessary?

At some point....we need to gravitate back to a point and strongly consider this agenda. I don't have a problem if some court announced that some company was bankrupt and then gave access or control over to the executive branch to manage until some future point.....but for the President to have this authority up front? No....it just won't work.

Is there a reason behind my thinking? Well....to be honest....I really don't want some future Baptist President from the Bama lands...coming up into power....and grabbing ahold of beer companies in America. You can smell abuse a mile away on this issue....and this just wouldn't be right.

So you might want to say something to your dimwitted Senator tomorrow....to make sure he doesn't screw up and accidentally pull a "Dodd" and sign us up for President "Grabbiness Powers"....and screw up our lives even more.

Robert and Helen

There's a fascinating story today...concerning some Connecticut gal and her husband. I'm one of them fellas who often appreciate the effort of folks to hold a marriage together....in the best and worst of times. In Bama....we tend to regard a guy and his wife who make this effort as a 'wonder'.

Apparently....this gal....Helen Sun...actually in her mid-30's.....wanted to try and rework this marriage of theirs....with husband....Robert Drawbough. We don't know the actual circumstances of trouble here....and kinda wonder if this was a pretty severe breakup.

Helen apparently showed up at the place where the husband was....then she changed the locks to the bedroom door...whilst he was asleeping.

Then....Helen got out a fine pair of handcuffs....and got herself onto the bed....handcuffing herself to the husband. This was all pretty much an effort to talk to Robert...sensibly. Well...it started out this way.

Apparently....Helen and Robert have some pretty deep issues. And at some point, the light dicussion turned into a bit of heated talk. We aren't sure what he was saying or what she was referring to....but things got a bit testy.

Robert decided at some point....after being bit on the torso and arms...that this chat just weren't going to get much better...then discovered the damn door was all locked up, with no key.

Robert at this point....all heated up and sweating probably....tried to do some logical thinking but she was biting the hell out of him. So then he realized that he did have a cellphone with him...and proceeded to call the cops.

The cops actually could hear him screaming and begging for help.

They finally broke into the house....broke the door open and SAVED poor Robert...taking him to the hospital for various bite treatments.

Helen? Well...presently...the cops are going to charge her with with third-degree assault, disorderly conduct, reckless endangerment and unlawful restraint.

Based on what law I do know...she could be looking at a month in the local jail if the judge is fairly serious about this. I'm pretty sure that the boys at the hospital took plenty of pictures of Robert's butt and the bite marks. The reckless endangerment will like be the one that she can't get out of.

Now, I sat and pondered this mess here between Robert and Helen. Surely, there was something that Helen saw...that could possibly rekindle the passion between them...but apparently, Robert saw something otherwise.

Would a thing like this happen in Bama? That's the puzzling thing....no. As most of you Bama folks know....we gentlemen in Bama keep a fair sized arsenal of weapons in our bedroom...along with a baseball bat....boat paddle....set of wrenches....case of beer....a can of Liquid Wrench....a crowbar....and some tractor axel grease. Surely between all of those potential weapons....we'd defend ourselves from some Bama Helen before she tore into us terribly with her teeth. But...we'd likely give Helen nine or ten chances to wrestle this out of her system...ifing she wanted to...before we went to more drastic action.

As for what happens to Robert and Helen? Well...I'm thinking they ought to sign up for Jerry' Springer's show....or see if some boxing gloves would improve the relationship.