Friday, 3 April 2009

Population Density

There is this smart doctor of sorts....who works for the US government. She came up this an article for the BBC....saying that there are too many people living on Earth. This bold statement....comes from Doctor Nina Fedoroff....saying that humans had exceeded the Earth's "limits of sustainability".

Currently...she advises Hillary Clinton in the state department under the area of science.

Her boldest statement? "There are probably already too many people on the planet."

I sat there for long while...wondering a number of things.

Usually, there are rule books about 'limits'....whether its electrical power, road strength, bridge weights, or how much tar you can cram into a pound of tobacco. The plain truth is that the Earth has no rule books.

So you are left to people who proclaim themselves scientists. They finished some college like Harvard, Yale, UCLA or Chicago City College. They get a degree which says that they are pretty damn smart and can represent the university in the world of smart folks.

So somewhere in their minds, there is a formula of sorts...where they add up space, water, fertile fields, beer, and shade trees.....then come to a reasonable number of folks who can live on the Earth.

In my wandering mind....I contemplated this concept of the Earth....reaching its maximum density. There were people already eight hundred years ago, who felt that the planet was reaching some kind of maximum then....then were proven wrong. The same could be said for some smart folks back in the late 1800s. Personally, I think the same folks are talking right now....with no real facts.

Some pretty folks will disagree with me. But then I'm of the mind to pull out a map of Siberia, and show them an area of twenty Texas regions with half the population of Texas presently. I can also show them the entire continent of Africa....where a minimum of twenty percent of the population has AIDs or will develop AIDs over the next five years. Logic dictates that within one hundred years....half the population of Africa today will be gone....unless some great serum comes along. I can also show a vast region of Canada today....where you sholve sixty million residents into the area.

So I'm not buying this story here. The Earth has taken populations and purged them off the planet....between meteors and plagues....its done a mighty fine job.

So I'm not inclined to go along with a maximum density concept. Although, being honest and from Bama....I would admit that the city limits of Red Bay probably has too many folks, and I like to kick a dozen out. I might admit that Athens has reached maximum density on Baptists and we need to purge 100 of those folks out. And I might even be willing to admit that Detroit has way too many Democrats and they need to be sent off to Utah. Luckily, I'm not from Harvard or UCLA....and thus can't speak as a scientist.