Sunday, 5 April 2009

TV Retrospect

Living overseas for most of my military career....and especially the last fifteen years....I've missed a fair amount of TV shows. For example....after 1977, I probably missed half of the Walton's shows from that point on. Golden Girl's....I've seen maybe three episodes....mostly on German TV. The Pretender? I saw one episode on a hotel TV....and thats it. JAG? I've never seen an entire episode ever.

There are shows which I've missed almost none of the episodes....but it was because of an addiction and the use of DVDs: Lost, Stargate, Married with Children, and The King of Queens for example.

The curious thing that I've come to realize over the last couple of years....especially after watching Knight Rider on German that there were alot of crappy shows that just kept going. Some of them....I actually watch maybe an entire season. This is my list of the shows that were minus four no random order:

- MacGyver: There simply wasn't a script with this show. They dreamed up some sequence of escape for MacGyver after he'd been captured. I think he held the all-time record for being captured and held against his will. If I had been this guy....after five or six of these occasions.....I would have packed up and moved to Montana. was pitiful to watch each episode....waiting till the last twenty minutes as he fashioned some 5-star escape.

- Knots Landing: It was a soap opera, and nothing more than a soap opera. After three or four episodes....I kept wondering....these people....have no lives?

- Different Strokes: I probably watched two dozen episodes. To be kinda was limited in terms of comedy but there was no real competition. I look back today, and it was pretty bad.

- Will and Grace: I've seen around six episodes. Frankly, it just wasn't that funny.

- Baywatch: After six episodes, I have to admit that they really needed decent scripts, but then no one watched it for 4-star writing.

The problem I have these days is that writing has risen several levels over the past five years. Between Dexter, the Sopranos, Lost and Doctor House....there are some fantastic scripts going on. When you go back and measure Mork and Mindy against today's's hard to measure the show.

And the interesting thing is that all of these old and pretty bad shows....are still around in syndication. So we can a second chance to review what was bad in 1982 again today.