Monday, 6 April 2009

The Arrogant States of America

After the grand speech of President Obama this past week in Europe....we were labeled by the being arrogant.

I paused over the words....watched the video clip twice...and wondered over this comment. Then finally....I sat down to write this blog.

Frankly.....we are a damn nation of arrogant bastards...and when you've dreamed up the worst possible scenario facing a million innocent people in your country....with Nazis, Communists, invaders, terrorists, fanatics, and bad-assed folks....then there's only one nation on the face of this earth you will call.

You'll call us because we will put tired and courageous men up against men of great evil. We'll knowingly give our men of courage because it's the right thing to do. We will ask more than what any other nation would be willing to give.

Arrogant? For about a hundred years.....we were quiet arrogant bastards. Then one day....some fools came to the door of a neighbor and threatened them. For fair amount time, while the neighbor asked for help.....we refrained. Then finally, when things got bad enough......we packed up our arrogant bastard bags and arrived. We were told by our neighbor that we weren't combat ready or capable to take on such a mighty threat at the door. We responded that we were arrogant bastards and would make up for our weaknesses. The war ended just over a year later. Along the way, we had some kid named York from Tennessee who was probably a good Christian arrogant bastard....but he didn't let that hold him back from what had to be done.

So we left and went nice arrogant bastards are expected to do. In 1942, we got a call that arrogant bastards were required again. We went to lands as far as the sun would rise or the sun would set. When all was said or was arrogant bastards that carried the day forward.

In the 1950s, when Berlin was surrounded and would fall to Soviet was arrogant bastards who said we'd fly in every chunk of coal....every coffee ground....every ounce of flour....every piece of beef or pork....and every ounce of hope that city of two million would need to survive. Along the way we dropped chocolate the just wasn't really arrogant bastards dropping those....but we don't want to admit that side of our character.

At some point in the 1960s and up until the last couple of years....people began to feel that our arrogant bastard label was uncalled for. They wanted us to clean up. They want youth, innocence, and charm. They asked for clean-cut charm and a lesser arrogant bastard.

This past week, we had our President working hard to declare us arrogant and it was totally wrong. He wanted to come across as sincere and charming. He wanted to convince Europe that our character of being humble.....would be so much better.

What was accomplished? Nothing.

It was a wasted speech. It was a guy on a campaign speech run....sitting in Europe rather than Mississippi.....talking up something imaginary. At the end of this entire speech....where things matter....we are still arrogant bastards. And for the sake of a bunch of folks sitting in a threatening situation tonight....who fear for their lives or loss of freedom.....its the arrogant bastards they want.....and not some charming, humble, and sincere guys.

It was a long blog.....and damning in some ways. But at the end of this debate.....we quietly sat there for a hundred years.....quietly becoming arrogant, and we can't escape our future.