Tuesday, 14 April 2009

When Things Aren't Believable

Occasionally, I'll see a graphic shot that is worth blogging on. I saw this one over at the Cube.

Even if some fantastic event occurred.....by miracle standards.....and you had the Google satellite in position and took a full photo of the event....people would just say it was photo-enhanced and a fake. Its a problem with society today

I could find fifty people on the beach watching the entire event.....get full documented evidence, and still......the public wouldn't believe the event occurred

My Two Cents, Taxed, of Course

Just a moment of comparison. On 23 September 1845, Alexander Cartwright wrote two brief pages of rules for baseball....in the interest of the New York Knickerbockers. Two brief pages. Today, for major league baseball....we are up to around fifty pages of rules. So the honest truth is....in 150 years.....we went from 2 pages to fifty pages.

In 1913, the original IRS folks wrote the original tax code, which numbered 400 pages. In 2009, we number a total 70,320 pages (thanks to the graphic chart in yesterday's USA News). So the honest truth here is.....in 85 years....we went from 400 pages to 70,320 pages.

The curious thing is that for every single line of code written today....there are likely two to three lines of code written to undo, revamp, or credit some tax for special people who know some special senators.

How many people have read the 70,320 pages? I'm willing to wager a $1,000 that not one single member of IRS has ever read the 70k-plus pages. We have entire accounting firms existing today because they have 300 people on their staff, who have read the entire sum of the 70k-plus pages and are highly paid to help folks avoid taxes.

This topic comes up primarily today.....because I mailed in my taxes this morning......and will get all of my money back. Don't worry.......I've likely paid around $20k to the Germans in taxes.....so this little game of US tax paying....means little to me.

My answer to this whole tax game? I'm a simple thinker. I'd like to write a rule that says you can have three hundred pages of tax code.....and then no more. If you attempt to write more.....you have to delete the same amount of space from the 300 pages that you already wrote. And to make sure you aren't real creative...I'll state the font size right up front, because I know you might think about downsizing the front from a 12-pitch to a 2-pitch.....just to show how smart you are.

So that my two cents on baseball....and taxes for today.