Monday, 27 April 2009

ZAP: Zeros Aren't Permitted

I kinda sat there for while after reading a Fox News story today....about schools which have adapted the idea of ZAP (Zeros Aren't Permitted).

A growing number of schools are just saying that "F's" aren't in their system and that they will just play the ZAP game. This means that the kid continues but is given a chance to redeem himself.....maybe next week.....maybe next month.....but they will eventually redeem themselves. I'm kinda at a loss here to explain the logic.

When I was a kid.....we still had teacher logic that they could just give kids another "10 points" out of thin air as the report cards came they slipped from a "F" to a "D". In every group of twenty least two got these free points.

I've sat and watched German teachers....who are the least likely give a single free point work their system. With some shock....they won't hesitate to fail a kid and in a group of thirty kids....there might be three to four which fail each year.

There are alot of changes that I wouldn't mind seeing in schools (even letting a kid graduate by the end of the tenth grade).....but ZAP isn't one of those changes.