Monday, 11 May 2009

Doc Jim's Logic

Veterans are a unique breed of human. They volunteer to die for their country....with orders given by either a couragous president or a fool-of-a-president. They get paid a meager salary. And they basically do it for reasons that don't make sense to most Americans.

Over the past couple of months....we've had former patients at the VA facilities...former veterans....who tested positive for HIV or hepatitis. There is a strong indicator that they were infected by tainted equipment at U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs hospitals.

Our good friend....Doc Jim Bagian, the VA's top patient safety officer, spoke out about this recent news. He indicates that patients won't be able to prove they were even exposed to endoscopic equipment that wasn't properly sterilized. Course, it was already noted in December that equipment used for colonoscopies and ear, nose and throat procedures.....was either not properly cleaned or set up. Doc's own people admitted this.

So far....five patients have tested positive for HIV and 33 have tested positive for hepatitis. The VA has notified 11,000 people treated at three VA medical centers to get follow-up blood checks. The locations involved? Miami, Murfreesboro, Tenn., and Augusta, Ga.

Doc Jim says: "At this point I don't think we'll ever know" how the patients were infected".

I'm kinda agreeing with Doc Jim.

In fact....I'd like to arrange a closed meeting with Doc Jim and about 100 some hotel. At the end of the meeting...if there are gunshots inside the room and we open up the door and Doc Jim is mortally wounded...I'd say that Doc Jim's same logic can't be sure that any of the 100 Vets ever shot him, and we may never know what I mean?

The VA is stuck caring for these long as they live. And with HIV or might not be that long. The sad thing is that you get the impression that health care via the a joke. You'd be better off going to some local clinic in your hometown....and get just as good of care.