Monday, 18 May 2009

The Open Minds Speech

I read through the Obama commencement speech at Notra Dame. About eight lines of it went straight into the campaign mode but then he settled back into being presidential.

The amusing part of this speech….came with the “demonizing” jab. Talking to a heavily Catholic crowd, he wanted them to see the wisdom that we are taking issues to the ninth degree and then anyone who voices a difference of opinion then gets into the demonizing mindset.

I sat and pondered over demonizing. Its not one of the 2,132 phrases or English words that I tend to use.

The basic definition of demonizing is that after you take a position….I take another position but I heavily labor on the fact that you aren’t just wrong….but that there can only be one accepted version of this topic and I 'own' that version.

We do this to global warming.

We do this to gay marriage.

We do this for the way we want the census to work.

We do this for the way we want the Supreme Court arranged.

We do this for the way that we want stem cell research done.

We do this for the way that talk radio managed.

The truth is that we demonize almost everything today. The neat thing about President Obama's words is that he even tossed them out against the Catholic background....but not the media who richly deserves the words.

Who helps us become demonized? Fox News. CNN. Wall Street Journal. The New York Times. The major papers of Chicago. AP and UPI. Our buddy Rush and the 100 other talk show hosts of America. Wolfe Blitzer.

The curious thing is that the President didn't want to aim this demonization concept at the cause and trigger. He attempted to toss it out there and just hope that a fair number of folks would just find it in their heart to come half-way.....maybe even three-quarters of the way.....over to the other side.

The president even has people on his staff....whose sole purpose in to demonize news and the agenda. Imagine yourself getting paid.....just to demonize the other side.....wouldn't that be great?

So here we are, with the open minds speech.....wondering.....pondering....and finally grasping that you'd have to actually open your mind first.....before you could start to think on your own. And we really haven't done that yet.

Your Health Deal?

So the national health care plan is in full swing. There are ten assumptions that we can now see on the table and we might be interested in this deal.

First, an absolute deadline has been created out of thin air without reasoning. There is barely sixty days of discussion that can go into this. When the final 1,000 page bill comes up...I’ll bet that no senator has read the document and less than five representatives have read it.

Second, hardly a word has come up about limits on doctor or hospital billing. This obviously will not be discussed.

Third, no comment or discussion will occur over military healthcare provided to retirees. People are already bracing for what will be a cost-program for retirees who were more or less promised free health care.

Fourth, whatever program is passed....will not affect the members of congress or the Senate. There will be an exception for them.

Fifth, no one will likely discuss the problem with foreign nationals within the US
and how they will fit into such a program.

Sixth, no matter how they rig this....some Americans will still have 5-star health care and some will have 3-star health care.

Seventh, the curious question will be if a 60-year old guy who has smoked all his life and continues to smoke two packs a day...can demand various health procedures that have limited or no impact on his length of life.

Eighth, will a guy in Red Bay, Bama have access to the same health care as a guy in Chicago? It’s a simple yes or no question. But you know the answer already.

Ninth, if employers have to contribute into this pot as well....will this mean a 3 percent cut on employees across America? If you had a small operation of twelve people and you had to absorb this cost of contribution, then the answer is to dump one employee. Fair or unfair? Does any congressman or Senator really care if 400,000 people get laid off because of this deal?

Tenth, if the actual real cost is 40 percent more than what the experts claim....where do you get the money? That’s the curious question that we might want to think about.

Buy Whatever

Buy Black is a new campaign effort that is developing. The concept? Convince a significant black community to buy only from Black-owned businesses. It has positives and negatives…and could have an impact.

You could convince a town of 5,000 population, with 1,500 blacks….to go with this concept. You could have a couple of black businesses that were struggling or just marginal….suddenly go and make big positive gains….but then dragging another non-minority business down by playing this game. A month or two later….someone else says “lets play ‘buy white’” and then you start to look at a community very divided. Then someone could even start the ‘buy Latino’, to really toss something into this whole game.

Some guys might start businesses out of thin air now….to take advantage of this community effort….hoping to be the only black dry cleaner and thus claim this effort when they go do the big talk around town. Whether a business out of thin air is smart or not….might be a totally different subject. And you might see someone selling items for three percent over the norm…just to take advantage of this whole concept.

Down the line? Buy Latino. Buy Baptist. Buy Latter-Day-Saints. Buy Catholic. Buy women-owned. Buy from the Koreans. Buy from the disabled. Buy from the Lepers? At some point, we might start asking stupid questions….but don’t worry….we are ten years from that point.