Wednesday, 20 May 2009

The Obama Car Game

35.5 miles per gallon? Is the dude kidding us?

So sit back for a moment and analyze this game. First, the Saudis and the Russians are in serious trouble if he carries this through. We are talking about a 30 percent on imports over the long-run. Oil producers and oil companies will sitting there and wondering how profits came and went.

Then we have this little problem of people not wanting a 2.1 or a 1.6 size engine. The after-market crowd will start to become super-sized engines are readily built and later sold in America. Customizing will become a big deal.

Then we come to a curious thing. I sat and watched this announcement from the White House. Here was California's Governor....the Arnold....who was shown arriving....with his least three big SUVS. I started to think about the various Obama administration players....who today drive SUVs here and there.

You can't build a super deluxe SUV which will get 35.5 miles per gallon. Either you remove the steel frame or you go for a 2.0-sized engine....which is grossly under-powered. Who will be building the super sized vehicles? I have doubts that anyone will make such a vehicle in the US and all of these special government vehicles will be customized by someone out there.

The pure truth that they have the ability to build an engine like this with enough torque to probably do the job. 35.5 is not that much to ask for.

Farm trucks with such a size? It won't happen, and this is the curious thing....will they be exempted?

The big loser in this game will end up being oil producers. The US can produce enough....with the help of Alaska.....if we stick to this 35.5 game. By the time you count in the corn-fuel and Alaskan oil.....there isn't a big issue on oil import.