Thursday, 21 May 2009

A Salt Lake City Argument

For a Bama resident, this is an interesting story.

Two gentlemen came up in Salt Lake City (Tuesday afternoon)...and got into a pretty heavy discussion over whether Jesus was a Catholic or a Mormon.

At some point...they started fighting over the episode. The guy left standing....was the guy who got arrested by the city cops.

The man standing....apparently was conscious and intoxicated, so he will be charged with suspicion of assault and public intoxication.

Naturally, I sat and pondered over this story a while. Had there been a third man on the spot....he would have been a Baptist....I have no doubt. Unlike his two associates...he would not have been intoxicated...because as we all know...Baptists never drink. Then our Baptist associate would have whomped the fire out of the two other guys....since all Baptists know mortal combat (in case they up against the devil himself).

I'm thinking folks in Salt Lake City don't have much to argue about (NCAA football, politics, Barry Bonds, relative problems or taxes). If they are sitting around arguing Jesus like this....something is pretty weird there.

Joe's Fantasy World?

This week, we learned that Vice President Joe Biden did not leak classified information. Apparently....whatever he was describing to dinner guests in terms of a "top secret hideaway" that his old buddy Dick Cheney, used in the days following the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks....was merely a guest room in the VP house.

Elizabeth Alexander wants to set the record straight on this: “There was no disclosure of classified information”.

Everyone is now in disagreement over the entire issue.

So I want to set the record straight for the entire crowd.

Actually what Joe was talking about at the party....was actually his closet area in the new house....where he accidentally got lost and bumped into a old 286 computer that he dragged over from his old senate office. Then in a state of aggravated consciousness...he felt himself in another world, another dimension, another time.

Over these brief moments, Joe imagined himself in a land....far....far...far away. He dreamed of himself in a secret vaulted area, surrounded by computers, printers, and racks. He felt secure in this secret vault, hidden from public view. It was his own world. So naturally, he discussed this at length, and had nothing to do with a real secret vault, which might actually be hidden under the VP’s residence.

Meanwhile….former VP Cheney is likely sitting there….thinking long and hard over this episode, and wondering….does Joe mean the wine cellar where Cheney and the SS boys played cards? Or was there really a secret vault that even Cheney didn’t even know about….from WW II?