Saturday, 20 June 2009

How Things Go in Iran

It was a pretty nifty week in Iran. Elections ended....and Amma-dang-ding-dong won the election. The curious thing is that the vast public in Iran stood there shaking their heads because they didn't vote for the guy, and they were kinda curious how the dude could have won.

So the spiritual leader of Iran....well....we might as well say the supreme leader of Grand Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. At first, he said this was a done deal and was smiles. Then two days later, when all the demonstrations started....then he shifted and said a recount could be done to prove things. Then in the last day or so....he's said that things are kinda done and this revolution on the streets of Iran needs to stop.

The Iran media....who sleeps in bed with Ali and Amma-dang-ding-dong.....has publized various articles which proclaim things are peaceful and the election is basically over (the streets are full of tens of thousands). They even said that classes at the nation's top university were in full swing (they aren't....students aren't attending any classes). They are working hard on various creative and non-truthful articles.

It's neat when a spirtual leader helps to run the election business. We need this type of comfort in the US after so many of our elections. The problem is....once you had an ounce or two of spirtual've pretty much had enough, and then you have to get back to the real world. I'm suspecting that significant number of people in Iran have had all the religious comfort they can take....and are about to educate some folks on reality.

Its hard to forecast how this will end. I suspect that the loser of the election will be put on a plane and forced out of the country eventually (maybe we could learn from this). I also suspect that 1,000 Iranians will disappear off the streets this week permanently. No one will know where they went, and one day a mass grave will be found with the thousand. The curious thing is that a spirtual leader is the trigger of such events....and you have to doubt his true devotion to anything religious.

Gimme Your Password

It was an amusing story that popped up yesterday concerning the city of Bozeman, Montana.

So you want a job with the city? Fine.....Just cough up your username and passwords for the social-networking sites that you participate in.

This means a variety of sites....Facebook, MySpace, Yahoo, Google,YouTube, right-wing or left-wing organizations, etc.

They say its necessary in order to preserve the integrity of the employees of the city. I kinda scratched my head. Even for a top secret clearance from the Air don't even have to list membership in any forums or chat areas. So the city of Boozeman thinks this is important? I'm kinda curious over what they've gained while doing this.

If I were applying for such a job....I'd just smile and say I'm not a member of any organization. The odds of them ever being smart enough to figure things out are pretty much zero. Of course, you could readily claim that you don't own any memberships but your wife owns them and never, ever, gives you the passwords. You could also give them the memberships and then a bogus password.

I knew of a guy once...whose wife demanded the password to every account he had. For days, he just laughed it off and then she kinda leveled the boom on the guy....either divorce or hand over the passwords. So he went went wiped various accounts clean and gave her the passwords....then opened new accounts under a different name. The wife was all happy and felt in power, and he still had private accounts.

I started thinking about this issue, and the fact that most of us....twenty years ago....had one pin number for the ATM machine. I can remember in 1993 getting my first password for a Air Force account, and it could be a simple six-number sequence. I can remember when the security guy showed up last year and we drifted into number-letter-special character "hell" with a network that I commonly use on was a work-of-art with 16 various elements. Am I able to remember it? Maybe once a week, I might actually be able to recite the whole 16 element.

In the case of Boozeman, I'm wondering who the blessed disciple is....the guy who gets the passwords. And how does he protect them? Does he log on and check things out. I'm thinking he reports to his boss that he does but I doubt if he's ever reviewed a single page in the whole period of employment.