Saturday, 27 June 2009

Phase Two Starts

I spent a couple of hours the kid's graduation. After so many woeful years....he finally graduated. (He's the tall kid on the left with the tie, shocked he passed, no doubt).

It wasn't what you'd really expect. There were barely a dozen kids in his class. He was the only one to show up in tie and jacket (two kids showed up in a jacket but no tie, and one kid just showed up in shorts and tennis shoes).

He basically argued his way through the past four years of school. You could count the total number of hours of study....for an average year.....on one hand. He either got the message in school or it wasn't important.

It was a decent ending report card....although nothing to write home and brag about.

So it's now off to apprenticeship for three years....and continue pretending that he studies....and hope that he picks up knowledge by doing things day in and day out. I'd like to toss in a lecture on Socrates and Thomas Jefferson....but it just isn't worth discussing.

Germans are in a flux over school organizations. They basically admit that whats going on today....just isn't working....but they can't find the "fix". Since the kid is out of school now....I can admit publicly that most of the teachers aren't capable leaders and most lack any real authority in the classroom. The vast number of punks after age 10 need something that the current crew can't provide. I'm forever told how German schools tower over American schools....and I quietly sit and look at the dimwit telling me this. I've seen the efforts of German schools....and frankly, I wouldn't go brag too loud.

So I can close this chapter of the book. The kid has an apprentice job....and starts getting paid by the end of August. At least the allowance business ends.

The Woes of Electrical Cars

The government went out and did a survey...a significant one. They studied the entire idea of electrical cars, their relationship to greenhouse emissions, and charging. So they came back said something that I would have expected. Electric cars don't DECREASE greenhouse gas emissions. You end up having to charge the cars...and there is where a coal-fired electrical plant starts to become a necessity....which is a evil thing for greenhouse emissions (so I'm told).

Somewhere in the process of running a battery have to plug it in and charge. The study came to the mind that we'd increase a huge amount of the power requirements throughout the US.

I sat and watched a German news documentary last year. Some guy took a battery car into a neighborhood, and then tested folks to see if they'd let him plug his charger cable into their house power.....claiming he was "dead" on power. As he told them....he need around 90 minutes of power to recharge. Over half readily did it. This wasn't a rural area....this was in a nice neighborhood....upscale homes. So they readily plugged the car in but never once asked themselves how much juice he would have cost them. After the test, he went and explained this to everyone. Most had no concept of power and it's relationship to cost. We could easily admit that he probably only cost them a $1 for that 90 minutes of juice. But still, it's a cost factor.

If I were living in a retirement community....this battery car concept might be great. I doubt that I'd really travel enough to worry about constantly charging the thing. But in real community....where three charges a day might be necessary? You can figure $5 a day on charges eventually (with all the taxes and fees involved)....and more issues with the environmental guys over building more plants. I have doubts that this thing will go public-wide.