Monday, 29 June 2009

Honduras in 60 Seconds

The whole thing on the Honduras President Manuel Zelaya episode? The bit that CNN, ABC, CBS and NBC couldn’t make simple in 60 seconds?

You are elected as President of Honduras....a great moment of your career. Frankly, it’s great because its a four-year tour and then after’s finished.

Honduras decided years ago that dictators staying on and on and on...simply didn’t work. So the Supreme Court, the military and the major political parties all came to write a simple constitutional paragraph. You get four years and then you exit.

Zelaya decided that at the near end of his four years....he’d toss the game into an interesting change....unlimited limit on presidential terms. If he had said that he was exiting and this change was for the next might have been a discussable item. But he intended to get the change up in front of the public, and then walk into the second term, and likely a third term.

So the Honduran Supreme Court said “no”, then the military said that they would act upon the wishes of the Supreme Court, and then Zelaya was escorted to the airport.
President Obama has said that he is very disappointed and wants Zelaya put back into his place....strangely enough, he won’t comment on getting term limits changed or this constitutional move by Zelaya. The media guys? They won’t even mention that the constitution is in full power within Honduras and that Zelaya was working on a separate agenda outside of established procedures.

The cherry on this cake? Zelaya had President Hugo Chavez from Venezuela...ship him the necessary ballots from Venezuela. They didn't even produce the ballots within their own country. Then Hillary (our Hillary)...came out to say things in Honduras were not in line with democratic principals. Naturally, she didn't say it was corrupt before the episode or after the episode. Luckily, she is a minor player as non-Czar in charge of the State Department.

In Bama, we had a similar constitutional rule written could only be governor two terms, and then you had to leave. In this case, Governor Wallace realized that it just wasn’t right changing the he had his wife run the third term and he was going to return for the fourth and fifth term. Pretty neat how you can do things right....if you plan ahead. Course, I’m guessing that Zelaya has a trophy wife, and she probably didn’t want to hand over power in four years back to him.

MJ: Final Word

My last blog on the topic of Michael Jackson. CNN International has probably put up over forty hours of MJ since X-hour, and I expect more this week. The German channels? Same way.

Simply some observations. This was the guy who hasn’t had a real hit album since 1991 (18 years, for you without math skills).

This was the guy who was brought into court over relationships with young gentlemen (less than fourteen years old). The cops wanted serious sex charges and the families of those involved eventually dropped everything because they were financially happy.

This was the guy who made a billion dollars in his life and spent $1.4 billion.
This was the guy who relied on the charity of others (expecting a payoff or payback in return) for the past two to three years because he was completely broke.

This was the guy who signed up for forty-odd concerts in the UK this year although his voice was not capable of delivering one concert, and his energy to even stand there and bounce around the stage for two or three events would have been questionable.

This is the guy who married a scientologist and later hired up a no-name British gal to bear two of his kids.

This is a guy who had to cut off every member of his family because they took massive amounts of money with no hopes of ever being able to pay him back.

I don’t get it, and I probably never will. By next weekend, this will be mostly over except the family fighting over tens of thousands of dollars.

How Global Warming, Cap & Trade, and Carbon Credits Add Up

So today, you stand in a 3-bedroom home with a monthly electrical bill of $120. It's been that way for a year or two....on average.

As a bill is passed and new requirements come up for your electrical company and how it's supposed to burn "cleanly" notice next month that the bill is now $139. The explanation here? There are new requirements and new hardware now on order to ensure that the electrical company meets the government requirements. Roughly $120 more a year, no big deal.

A year goes by, and Cap & Trade elements start the electrical has to assign a fee across the board to everyone because they aren't meeting their new goals. You now pay $146.

Another year goes by and because of new carbon trading rules and some changes in government now pay $157.

Another year goes by and you now pay $166 because of a curtailment on coal plants. The solar power concept and windmill are coming next the electrical company has to buy power from Texas.

Another year goes by and the windmills are being built at a record pace, with solar power being implemented as well. There is a $16 fee tossed into this you are now paying $182 electrical bill. Oh, and because solar and wind aren't delivering full power, you are still buying power from Texas and Nebraska.

Another year goes by and now several nuclear power plants have been directed to shut down because they don't meet the new spec's assigned to them. Oh, and the windmills are providing more than half of the anticipated power. So you are buying more power from Canada, Texas and Nebraska. Your bill? $194.

Another year goes by and because of new government rules....several coal plants are just plain shut down. More power is bought from western "dealers", who now are making a huge profit because they added a $6 a month fee onto each user buying their power. Your cost? $205.

So nine years have passed and because of new power rules by the government....your new bill is $229 a month. So you have $1200 coming out of your pocket now that didn't exist back nine years ago. It's money that simply went to electrical bills that were invented out of thin air.

You'd like to ask stupid questions but the political guys won't answer them. You'd like to ask the environmentalists questions but they refuse to answer. You'd like to just save on your consumption but you've done just about everything possible.

This is likely your a year or two.